IS the Grass ALWAYS greener, or is it REALLY nicer in Newtown?
We think it’s Nicer
The Truth about Fairfield Hills
In case you haven’t heard, Fairfield Hills is a hot topic. In 2001, Newtown purchased 186 acres of the former psychiatric hospital property from the state. This land captures some of the most beautiful and historic landscape in Newtown today. In the last few years, debates here in Newtown have been filled with talk about what has been accomplished. As you can see from the list below there are a lot of good things going on.
Here are some facts:
Did you know there are 1.6 miles of walking trails?
Did you know design work is in progress for a Parks and Recreation facility and pool to be located near the Newtown Youth Academy?
Did you know an Emergency Operations Center has been opened as a hub for emergency management operations?

Did you know the Newtown Youth Academy provides services for thousands of people?

Park and Recreation programs serve 900 people.

Fitness Club Membership at 910

After school programs for the High School, Middle School, 

        Reed and St. Rose serve over 300 students

Newtown youth sports teams that serve over 1600 kids

440 Adult Baseball League players

Adult Rental – 180 players each week

Host to Civic Group gathering for Rotarians, Drivers Ed, 

        Realtors plus private parties

Did you know all the events that have been held at the Campus or are planned?

Memorial Day Soccer Tournament

Relay for Life

Newtown Rooster Run

Newtown Health Walk

Dog Days of Summer to raise money for a new Dog Park

Did you know the newly renovated Town Hall will open in September?

Did you know that Newtown has received over $2.7mm in grants for Fairfield Hills and has another $1.5mm in grants pending?

Did you know that future plans include a walking trail to completely encompass the campus?

What do Newtown Republicans think?

We believe the Master Plan needs to be reviewed and updated for Fairfield Hills in order to guide and focus future development. We want to ensure the plan aligns with town wide priorities, is integrated into the long-range vision and plan of development and is implemented within the constraints of fiscal realities. as stated by Pat Llodra and Will Rodgers and written in their position statement on July 30th.

Fairfield Hills is a place in transition.  We know where we have been and where we are now, however the future is less defined.  As a result of the updating of the Master Plan, which we believe needs to happen, the next steps will be shaped by focused community input and will follow the normal public processes of capital requests and budgeting. 

The Fairfield Hills Authority has detailed information on all aspects of development available on their website at:


All minutes and agendas for their meetings are also posted on the Town Website at: