Fiscal Responsibility

Newtown residents are not immune to the economic downturn the country is currently experiencing. Taxpayers are re-assessing the way they run their households and making difficult decisions on how they save, spend money and live their lives. But what have the elected officials in Town done to address the current economic climate? How has Newtown and its Republican leadership navigated the turbulent waters and what course have they charted for the future? Take a look:

What have Newtown Republicans done in the past?

Implemented a series of guidelines to ensure that we maintain satisfactory reserve levels or a “rainy day fund” 

        as well as a limit on total borrowing.

Maintained a decades long practice of aggressively paying down debt faster than most municipalities and avoiding 

        the trap of borrowing over a longer period of time, strapping the Town with greater expense, making the short term 

        decisions easier and avoiding the long term difficult decisions.

Implemented a sound five-year Capital Improvement Plan providing the Town with over 95% of it’s capital requests 

        on the schedule requested and in the priority requested.

Did you know that the municipal ratings agency Moody’s has cited these factors, and the Capital Improvement Plan specifically, as the reasons for upgrading the Town ratings twice, saving the taxpayers millions through lower interest rates as a result of the upgrades?

Republican leadership has also implemented many other standards that are now a matter of current business practice:

Developed a model for purchasing open space that identifies, as well as quantifies, the savings of the purchase of 

        open  space compared to the development of the land.

Established a monthly review of actual town and educational expenses versus budgets as well as monthly Q&A of 

        all departments regarding their budgets.

Instituted a senior tax relief program to help seniors address the effects of the growth in Town.

Presented a virtually flat budget to taxpayers this past year.

Advocated for and achieved many contractual “freezes” this budget year holding down costs.

Vigorously advocated to re-bid the high school expansion because of the need for savings and the over inflated 

         commodity prices.

Did you know that the re-bidding saved the taxpayers six million dollars on the exact same project due to the re-bidding process?

What do Newtown Republicans think?

Republicans believe we should create a vision for Newtown using data to help guide the Town in understanding what Newtown will look like in twenty years or more. We also believe a vision for Newtown starts at the ground level, through a “bottom up” process with the many qualified personnel that are highly trained and educated and best understand the needs of their various departments. The Republican vision also incorporates some new ideas like exploring the idea of “regionalization” where Newtown bands together with other local municipalities in purchasing of goods and services to achieve economies of scale and savings. And that starts right here in Newtown by understanding synergies and business practices within departments to realize savings.

Did you know Pat Llodra and Will Rogers helped create the “Facilities Committee” that has already identified many synergies in Town that will help realize significant savings as well as better and more efficient use of technology? And did you know Pat Llodra is co-chairing this committee?

Simple as it may sound, Newtown Republicans and its leadership have and will continue to pursue the common sense approach of fiscal responsibility. From efficiencies to cost savings, prudent guidelines to prudent bonding and from identifying a realistic vision that balances Newtown’s needs with its wants, the Republican mantra is fiscal responsibility.