How Would You Rate the Quality of Life in Newtown?

Each of us moved to Newtown and has continued to live here for different reasons.  One thing that we can all agree on, Quality of Life is an important factor.  How we define Qualify of Life is somewhat subjective and ever changing. Some people complain they don’t get anything for the tax dollars. Let’s take a look at some of the services and activities that are available in Newtown.  We Republicans still think its “Nicer in Newtown”.

Here are some facts:

Dedication to Active and Passive Recreation:

Did you know Newtown has invested over $10 million in open space acquisitions?

 Did you know Newtown residents have access to 6 local parks?

                •    Collis P. Huntington State Park

                •    Dickinson Park

                •    Eichler’s Cove Marina

                •    Lake Lillinonah Park

                •    Orchard Hill Nature Center

                •    Treadwell Park

Did you know Newtown residents have access to over 28 miles of hiking trails, and over 5700 acres of open space?


Did you know Newtown Forest Association owns approximately 1,000 acres which is preserved as open space and the land was acquired through the generosity of donations alone (see ?

Did you know  Newtown Bridle and Land Association works to create trail systems to allow horses, hikers and houses to coexist with each other (see )?

Did you know there are two golf courses in Newtown?

Did you know there are hundreds of diverse Park & Recreation activities offered for preschoolers, seniors and everyone in-between (see )?

Did you know Newtown Youth Academy services thousands of people (see

Dedication to Seniors:

Did you know about all of the senior housing communities available in Newtown – some of which are partially subsidized by the Town?

                •    Ashlar of Newtown

                •    The Homesteads at Newtown

                •    The Regency at Newtown

                •    Nunnawauk Meadows Senior Housing

                •    Walnut Tree Village

                •    The Woods at Newtown

Did you know for the past 30 years, Newtown has dedicated money for senior tax relief?

Did you know about all of the classes and services offered by the Newtown Senior Center?

Fitness, nutrition, and health:

•    Low-Impact Exercise

•    Yoga

•    Line dancing

•    Diet & Nutrition Information

•    Elderly Health Screening

•    Monthly Blood Pressure Check

•    File of Life

•    Walking Groups

•    Tai Chi

•    Virtual Bowling

•    Ballroom Dancing


•    Art Instruction

•    Language

•    Reading Groups

•    Current Events

•    AARP 55 Alive Driving Classes

•    Seminars by Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers

•    RSVP & CACD Station

•    Computer Classes

•    Bible Study

Monthly/Yearly Events:

•    Income Tax Assistance

•    Monthly Theme Events

•    Annual Picnic

•    Annual Holiday Party

•    Pot Luck Dinner

•    Annual Hoe Down

•    Triad

Dedication to Education

Did you know Newtown has four elementary schools, a 5/6 school, a middle school and a high school?

Did you know we invest about $12,000 per year to educate each student?

Did you know school district personnel and many volunteers spent the last year strategically planning for the next 5 years?

Dedication to Culture and Art:

Did you know a Cultural Arts Commission was created in 2007 to foster more local cultural events?

                    •    Cultural Arts Commission (

                •    Newtown Friends of Music(

                •    Flagpole Radio Café (

                •    Dance, etc. (

                •    The Gray School of Irish Dance (

                •    Lathrop School of Dance (

                •    Town Players’ Little Theater (

                •    Newtown Historical Society (

                •    McLaughlin vineyards (

Did you know movies at the Town Hall are only $2?

Did you know the library has free Internet access?


Dedication to Public Service:

Did you know about all of the volunteer organizations in Newtown?

                •    Garden Club of Newtown

                •    Town & Country Garden Club

                •    Newtown Horticulture Club

                •    Newtown Rotary Club

                •    Newtown Lions Club

                •    Newtown Parent Connection

                •    Women Involved in Newtown

                •    Visiting Nurses Association

                •    Meals on Wheels

                •    Canine Advocates

                •    Mary Hawley Society


Did you know Newtown Youth and Family Services provide programs, services, activities, counseling, support groups and education throughout the Greater Newtown area regardless of ability to pay (see

Did you know Kevin’s Community Center has provided more than $500,000 in free health care for over 1000 patients (see

Did you know volunteers run many of the annual activities in Newtown?

       •    Labor Day Parade

       •    The Great Pootatuck Duck Race

       •    St. Rose Carnival

       •    Botsford Fire Rescue Company Carnival

       •    Sandy Hook Farmers Market

       •    C.H. Booth Library Book Sale

       •    Newtown Road Race

       •    Relay for Life

       •    Rooster Run

       •    Holiday Tree Lightings

       •    Earth Day Festival

•    Annual Newtown Health Fair

•    Sandy Hook Fire Department LobsterFest

•    House & Garden Tour by Newtown Historical Society

•    Corn Maze at Paproski’s Farm

•    Ukrainian Festival

•    VFW Annual Family Picnic

•    Newtown Open Tennis Tournament

•    Annual SCAN Spring Art Show

•    Flagpole Photographers Annual Exhibition

•    Parent University

•    Annual Frost on the Pumpkin Hunter Pace


Did you know about all of the great new happenings this year?

                •    American Flags Now Line Main Street courtesy of the Newtown Lions Club

                •    4,984 flags stirring on the lawn of the Congregational Church

                •    Refurbishment of the historical Alexandria Room for catering opportunities

                •    Connecticut Film Festival

What do Newtown Republicans think?

As Newtown continues to grow and the landscape changes, we need to remember our core values.  We Republicans believe any Town development needs to be mindful of our village neighborhoods.  We will continue to invest in open space and the creation of linked green-ways that provide recreation, social contact, aesthetic value and relief from continued housing developments.   Finally, we will continue to analyze Town data and educate ourselves on the changing population trends so we can plan for our current and future generations.