Republican Leadership

As we near the end of the 2009 election season, we would like to answer the question; “Why Vote for Newtown Republicans?”


The answer is clear… Leadership.  As Stephen Covey has said “It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader.”  Pat Llodra is a transforming leader.  Pat has a strategy for Newtown that includes carefully managing our fiscal future by prioritizing needs that are aligned with a long-term plan and vision.  She has demonstrated initiative while on the Legislative Council by chairing the education subcommittee, co-chairing the Facilities committee, and driving consensus during budget deliberations.  Pat Llodra respects our core values in Newtown.  She supports making data-driven decisions.  Pat Llodra believes in a more disciplined financial approach to control spending and get more for every dollar through increased use of technology, cooperation and collaboration by both town and school agencies.


Anyone can point out the challenges that face Newtown.  You need to ask yourself “Who should lead the way?”  We selected our Republican candidates specifically because they have all demonstrated leadership qualities in one form or another.  Our candidates respect the values of our community.  Our candidates respect the ideas of our citizens, town employees and elected officials.  Our candidates are fiscally responsible.  Finally, our candidates are committed to responsibly provide for the current and future generations of Newtown residents.


We Republicans request the honor of leading Newtown.  Please visit our web site to get to know our candidates:




Bill Brimmer, Republican Town Committee Chairman

8 Hattertown Road

Newtown, CT