Top 10 Political Moments IPN Wants Us to Forget

10) Espousing transparency, open communication and working together but not allowing additional Board of Education or Board of Finance members in the teachers contract negotiations.


9) Advocating and voting to remove local bus company from the school district busing contract in favor of an “Out of Town” corporation.


8) Advocating and voting to spend an additional six million dollars rather than re-bidding the high school expansion.


7) Contacting the State of Connecticut regarding Fairfield Hills and the work being done, costing the Town over one hundred thousand dollars.


6) Advocating to extend our decades long bonding practice from twenty to thirty years that would cost the taxpayers millions in additional debt.


5) Advocating for economic development and a stable tax base, but voting to remove $92,000 funding from the Economic Development Commission.


4) Advocating for the acquisition of open space purchases but voting to remove the funding for land acquisitions in the 2009-2010 operating budget.


3) Advocating that the Town dip into reserve accounts to fund “pet” expenses despite the fact that the ratings agencies warned against that practice, risking a ratings downgrade.


2) Propagating and distributing misleading newsletters and emails regarding the Town’s reserve or “Rainy Day Fund” under the title of “Newtown isn’t as broke as we would be lead to believe” during budget time to create a “sky is falling” panic.


1) Advocating “Vote No” on the Town’s budget in a misguided attempt to force an increase in education spending.