Why Should You Vote for Newtown Republicans?

If you want to know what Republicans think and what they want to do, read on.


On Taxes:

Taxes come down to two components. First is cost and the second is revenue. Both contribute. On the cost side, Republicans will look at all fixed costs. Everything is up for review. Specifically, we will look at self-insuring versus the current practice of an outside insurer. We will look at the comparative costs of defined contribution plan, much like a 401k plan, versus the current defined benefit plan. If we can save, we want to discuss it. Capitol expenses will be on a “pay as you go” basis meaning all projects will be vetted through all fiscally responsible boards.  With the projects being the result of collaborative efforts between the Town and especially the taxpayer. The Republican difference is that we will make data driven and fact based decisions - not emotional decisions. And lets not forget about the buzzword of the day…DEBT. We Republicans will continue to live within our means and guidelines and take it one step further; we will pursue an overall debt reduction plan. Reducing the debt that will improve on the solid financial standing that we already enjoy.  Reducing debt payments reduces taxes!


On Planning:

We Republicans believe we should create a vision for Newtown using data to help guide the Town in understanding what Newtown will look like in twenty years or more. We also believe a vision for Newtown starts at the ground level, through a “bottom up” process with the many qualified personnel that are highly trained and educated and best understand the needs of their various departments. The Republican vision also incorporates some new ideas like exploring the idea of “regionalization” where Newtown bands together with other local municipalities in purchasing of goods and services to achieve economies of scale and savings. And that starts right here in Newtown by understanding synergies and business practices within departments including education to realize savings.  The difference here is that we Republicans do not think we need to discard the planning tools that are currently in place.  We need to take the tools and the data, which has already been collected, and take it to the next level.  The data needs to be analyzed in the context of where we are right now and where we want to go. Guided by public input, we will continue to collaborate with all boards and commissions in Town to incorporate the information to form a vision for Newtown’s future.


On Fairfield Hills:

Fairfield Hills is a place in transition.  We know where we have been and where we are now, however the future is less defined.  What Republicans will do is review and reassess the master plan.  Because of the Town’s commitment to the property, we will not halt spending.  Why?  The Town cannot abandon its commitment to the property and it cannot just sit. You cannot make a $21 million investment and then freeze all funding. Commitment means some capital will be required.  That’s the Republican difference.  The Town can review the plan and still make forward progress.  The next steps will be shaped by focused community input and will follow the normal public processes of capital requests and budgeting.  We want to ensure the plan aligns with town wide priorities, is integrated into the long-range vision and plan of development and is implemented within the constraints of fiscal realities.


These are the things that Newtown Republicans believe in and want to accomplish. It can be said that there are many similarities among the various parties as to what they want to accomplish.  However, strong leadership, starting with our First Selectman candidate Pat Llodra, is the difference.  The Republican Town Committee selected its candidates based on their principles and beliefs.  We Republicans feel strongly that our candidates are the right match for Newtown.  Our candidates are strong leaders, willing to work collaboratively with all elected officials, town employees and the public, and are extremely dedicated to the future of Newtown.