How will Today's Decisions Affect our Quality of Life?

What will our Legacy Be?

Newtown, Connecticut is a unique and wonderful place to live. It’s a great mixture of folks who have been around from “the beginning of time” and those of us who are new to the area. We probably don’t all agree on the best features of the Town; however, we all have our favorites. 

Did you know you can purchase homemade ice cream from three local shops in Town?
Did you know the flagpole at the intersection of Church Hill Road, Main Street and West Street was first erected in 1876 and cost $131.65 to purchase and install?
Did you know the game of Scrabble was developed in Newtown by town resident James Brunot?
Did you know Newtown has held it’s infamous Labor Day Parade since 1962?

The leaders and decision-makers have a responsibility to carefully manage the burdens we place on the taxpayers and citizens of today and tomorrow. At the same time, it is important that we continue to invest in and support our community; that we not allow our community 'assets' to diminish in value; that we allocate resources in such a way as to preserve, maintain, and grow programs and services that the people of Newtown care about and which help to make living in our town attractive and worthwhile.

Here are some of the things that have occurred in the last two years that demonstrate our commitment to Newtown’s quality of life:

Dedication to Active and Passive Recreation 
  • The High School’s Blue & Gold Stadium Completely Redone 
    • Installation of Turf 
    • New Track
    • New Goal Posts 
    • New Fencing 
  • New Tennis Courts at the High School 
  • Treadwell Park Improvements 
    • Improved Landscaping 
    • New Pool Filtering System
    • New Pool Sun Shades 
  • Dickinson Park Improvements 
    • New Skate Park 
    • New Bathroom Facilities 
    • Resurfaced Tennis Courts 
    • Free Concerts on the Green 
    • New Walking Trail along Elm Drive 
  • Long-term Plans in Place for Enhancements at Eichler's Cove, Treadwell and Dickinson Park
  • New Online Registration for Park and Recreation Activities 
  • Fairfield Hills Improvements 
  • Victory Garden 
  • Farmers Market 
  • New Walking Trails
Dedication to Public Service 
  • Single Stream Recycling 
  • Updated Town Website with Messaging to Residents 
  • Video on Demand for Town Meetings 
  • Pat’s Q & A 
  • Creation of the Ordinance to Protect Children 
  • Creation of the Emergency Operations Center 
  • Sandy Hook Streetscape & Waterline Project 
  • Implementation of Processes to Identify and Prioritize Roads and Bridges in Need of Upgrades
  • Implementation of Plan for Annual Replacement of Police Vehicles & Long-Term Plan of Fire Truck and Tanker Replacement
  • Commitment of $1.5MM to Newtown Hook & Ladder
  • Support Newtown Ambulance Initiative for New Facility at Fairfield Hills 
  • Hurricane Irene Response 
    • Code Red Alert System 
    • Daily Communication to Residents 
    • Free Water & Ice Distribution 
    • Free Showering Facilities 
    • School Facilities Open for the Comfort of Citizens
Dedication to Seniors
  • Completed Senior Center Addition with Sunroom 
  • Commitment of $1,225,000 in Senior Tax Relief 
  • Inclusion of Future Senior Center in Capital Improvement Plan
Dedication to Education
  • Completed High School Addition 
  • Completed Middle School Roof 
  • Collaborated with Education Department in Development of Town/School Budget
  • Led Effort to Engage Education Department in Employee Health Benefit Self-Funding Plan - Saving more than $945,000
Dedication to Cultural & Social Opportunities 
  • Work with Board of Directors of Edmond Town Hall and Booth Library in Planning for Future Capital Needs
  • Actively Promote Efforts of Newtown's Cultural Arts Commission, Flagpole Photographers, SCAN, & Friends of Music
  • Work with Legislators to Protect the Governor’s Horse Guard
  • Work with Legislators to Secure Grant Funding for Fairfield Hills Outdoor Performance Area
  • Continued Support for Open Space Funding
What do Newtown Republicans Think? 

Newtown Republicans think it is important to protect and maintain those items that are the fabric of our Town and hold us together as a community. In times of scarce resources, we need to balance priorities in order to retain those qualities that make Newtown such a unique and wonderful place to live; but also, to improve our Town for the future needs of all citizens. It is our goal to leave a legacy of data driven decisions that enable us to preserve the rich, unique history of Newtown and to initiate a path for future generations to follow.