Who is Mitch Bolinsky?

What we need in Hartford is an experienced legislator with fresh ideas.  The current Democrat representatives still do not understand that taxpayers and towns are really struggling.  The state needs to change course and the only way to achieve this is with a new direction and new leadership. 

You may not know this but Mitch Bolinsky is just that person. Mitch has been serving on Newtown's boards and commissions for the past 8 years. He began as a member of the Board of Ethics, served two terms on the Economic Development Commission and, currently, is serving in an elected capacity on the Legislative Council. In addition to Mitch's service with the Town, he is a Justice of the Peace. He also spent 7 fun years growing Cub Scout Pack 470 to more than 100 local families as a Parent-Leader, Cubmaster and Chairman, teaching the importance of community service, responsibility and "doing your best" to youngsters at Head O'Meadow School.

As a two-term member of the Economic Development Commission and a Legislative Councilman, Mitch understands the need to expand business development in Newtown in order to reduce the tax burden for Newtown residents. He supports the proposed Hawleyville sewers. Sewers will bring development, and development will bring jobs and income to Newtown.

As a member of the Legislative Council, Mitch understands the economic realities that face Newtown. Mitch has demonstrated a quality that you don’t see in Hartford that keeps Newtown’s financial ratings strong. He has voted to support sound fiscal policies for Newtown such as the fund balance policy and the debt cap policy. He understands that you can only spend what you bring in and no more.

Mitch has also shown that he is determined to preserve and protect our village neighborhoods. He is working tirelessly on an anti-blight ordinance, and has been supportive of green energy initiatives such as the solar panel initiatives for the Middle School roof and the sewer treatment facility. These initiatives not only will save Newtown money but will also have the benefit of being eco-friendly.

Why should Mitch expect your vote? We are living in extreme economic times. The state of Connecticut is not in good standing in respect to it's financial position or as far as jobs are concerned. Mitch is a candidate with a great deal of experience in Newtown government. As a matter of fact, the Democrat candidate has no experience with Newtown government. Mitch's experience in our current government will serve us well at the state level.

What do Newtown Republicans Think?

The job of state representative for Newtown cannot be left to a novice. Mitch’s broad experience in both Town and civic volunteerism gives him the perspective and the knowledge to be successful in Hartford. Join us in voting for Mitch Bolinsky as your advocate in Hartford on November 6th.