We Need Change in Hartford
This year we have a clear choice to be made for the office of State Representative for the 106th district.  We could choose to allow Hartford’s Democrat Tax & Spend Machine to control a political newcomer and stay the course of failing policies, dismal outcomes and escalating taxes.  Or, we could choose Mitch Bolinsky, Republican for State Representative.  Mitch is committed to working toward a distinct and different direction: good fiscal policies, less government regulations to create job growth, and a smaller and more efficient government.

Did you know the Democrats allowed fiscal policies to be followed which resulted in Moody’s downgrading the state of Connecticut?
In Newtown, we have spent a great deal of time talking about and enacting policies to support good fiscal health.  What does that mean to the average person?  It means we enjoy low interest rates, lower taxes and have greater flexibility with our operational dollars.  It is this core belief in Newtown that allows us to build the foundation of our community.

What will Mitch Bolinsky do?
While on the Legislative Council, Mitch has supported Newtown’s current fiscal policies that have resulted in savings for every Newtown taxpayer.  He will bring these same core values about fiscal health to Hartford.  Mitch believes in spending no more than we earn as his actions have demonstrated while serving on the Legislative Council.

Did you know Connecticut’s September unemployment rate jumped 0.5% to 9%?
This jump in unemployment is the largest monthly increase since the Department of Labor started keeping track in 1976.  The policies of Governor Malloy and the Democratic run legislature are not working.  Not enough has been done to improve Connecticut’s attitude toward business, especially small businesses.  

What will Mitch Bolinsky do? 
Mitch will work to reduce the size of government and eliminate cumbersome regulations that hamper businesses from creating more jobs.  As a past member of the Newtown’s Economic Development Commission, Mitch understands that the first thing you need is to lay a foundation so that businesses can thrive.  Mitch doesn’t just “talk the talk”; he is in favor of extending the sewer line to Hawleyville in order to create new businesses and jobs.  Furthermore, during his time on the Legislative Council, he has supported the consolidation of town and school services.  He understands that the benefits are not only financial but also for greater accountability and more streamlined processes.

How does Mitch handle difficult challenges?
Mitch led an industry group’s collaboration with government, environmentalists and consumer groups to create “California’s first enforceable action to directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles”.  In a press release, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) called it: “…an outstanding example of an open and transparent process…”  Mitch believes “win-win” outcomes can be achieved with cooperation and consideration.  

What does Mitch think?
  • Change the way Hartford does business. Smaller government and a reversal of spend & tax mentality.
  • Ease burden of government over-regulation on businesses. To grow, Connecticut must help, not hinder.
  • Create good, well-paid 21st century private-sector jobs. Reward real investment to foster growth.

What do Newtown Republicans think?

Many people talk about what they will do when they get in office, but Mitch has experienced tough economic times as a councilman here in Newtown with our very own town budget.  He has demonstrated that he can and will make difficult decisions on spending just like what needs to be done in Hartford.  Mitch believes we need to change the course in Hartford.  He believes we should only spend what we earn – just like we do in Newtown.  Help bring common sense to Hartford.  Vote for Mitch Bolinsky on November 6th.