Turning the Ship in Hartford
This year, Newtown has a choice for the office of Connecticut State Representative for the 106th district.  We can choose to select another like-minded Democrat to send to Hartford.  Or… We can choose another direction and send an experienced fiscal conservative like Mitch Bolinsky to Hartford.  Take a look at the results of the policies that were enacted under a Democrat-run legislature: 

  • In 2011, Connecticut taxpayers experienced the largest tax hike in state history - $1.8 billion per year. 
  • On October 18, state revenue estimates were reported to have lagged in virtually every sector needed to balance the budget, from casino revenues, down an anticipated $24.2 million, to corporate taxes, off by $23.1 million, and sales taxes, off by $13 million bringing the anticipated deficit to $98.5 million.
  • Tax receipts, as reported by the Department of Revenue Services, are also down, and a previous projection last spring based on the governor’s own figures put the deficit at more than $423 million for 2014.
  • The official “consensus’’ revenue estimates are usually reported to the legislature by October 15.  This year the revenue estimates will not be produced by the non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis and the governor’s budget office until November 10th because Democrats voted to delay it until after the election, fearing bad news.

When asked in an interview about the reliance on property tax for Town revenue, the Democrat candidate for Newtown’s state representative position answered, “…The question is which tax is the best tax…The income tax is a more progressive tax than a property tax because the more you earn the more you pay.  On a piece of property, you may own a house that is pretty valuable but you don’t have much cash flow to pay your property tax, so that’s a regressive tax.”  This Democratic candidate thinks the state can control local taxes.  Instead of looking for new revenues, she is looking for new tax avenues.

What will Mitch Bolinsky do?
The state’s goals should be no different than what Mitch has been advocating here in Newtown:
  • Advocate for lower taxes
  • Advocate for a reduction in spending
  • Advocate for a business friendly environment
  • Advocate for consolidation of resources and departments
  • Advocate for a healthy fund balance

What do Newtown Republicans Think?
Two years ago Newtown Republicans offered up common sense solutions to Connecticut’s woes: reign in spending, reduce the size of government and create a healthy business climate. Under the Democrats, Connecticut’s problems have just gotten worse.  We respectively ask that you join us in turning the ship and voting for Mitch Bolinsky on November 6th.