Jobs and the Economy
As we head into the final week prior to the 2012 elections, once again Republicans ask you, “Are you better off than you were two years ago?”  For most of us, the answer is “No”.  All we hear is the negative news reports of the state borrowing to pay operating costs, increasing taxes, experienced people not being able to find work and the ever.increasing debt load assessed to each and every Newtown citizen.

All of this is the result of one party rule in Hartford creating poor economic policies.  The Democrats have been unsuccessful in turning the ship.  In direct contrast to what Newtown has accomplished, the Democrats in Hartford have failed to use common sense in addressing the new economic reality we all face today.

Mitch Bolinsky offers a new perspective for Hartford’s current leadership.  Mitch believes that we should help Newtown diversify its tax base away from the shoulders of homeowner, spend only what we can afford and begin to take the difficult steps to change the direction of borrowing to pay our operational bills and reduce our long term debt.  Mitch knows the steps that need to be taken at the state level because he has been a part of this effort here in Newtown.

Mitch also knows that the people of Newtown need job opportunities in their home state of Connecticut.  While the unemployment rate across the country decreases, Connecticut’s unemployment rate continues to rise – currently our state is 1.1% higher than the average across the United States.  Regulations need to be more business friendly in order to have Connecticut companies succeed, expand and bring more jobs into our state and in Newtown.

Mitch supports the following:
  • Require quantitative & qualitative assessment of costs and benefits of any new regulations with the same review for existing regulations
  • Tax relief for companies that purchase property in Connecticut
  • Expedite the permit approval process 
  • Cap on the gas tax
  • No tax increases

What do Newtown Republicans Think?
Mitch Bolinsky, your Republican candidate for the 106th district, will bring a different, and most importantly, better choice than the herd mentality of the current state government.  He has 11 years experience on Newtown’s board and commissions.  More of the same is not what’s best for Newtown. Mitch is best for Newtown.  Vote for Mitch Bolinsky on November 6th!