Introducing Your Board of Education Candidates ...
Four Year Terms

Debbie Leidlein

Did you know?...
  • Debbie is currently a middle school teacher and has 16 years experience.
  • Debbie has volunteered her time in the community or in the education field for the past 20 years.
  • Debbie reads or listens to Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett at least once a year.

Kathy Hamilton

Did you know?...
  • Kathy is a life long resident of Newtown, attended Newtown Schools, graduating Newtown High in 1983.  Her son who is in 8th grade at Newtown Middle School now sits in the same classrooms that she did.
  • Kathy graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Computer Engineering.  She worked for 16 years in the software industry as a programmer, team leader, recruiter, project manager and as a new product development manager.
  • Kathy loves to play golf, but is still trying to get her handicap under 30.

Two Year Term

David Freedman

Did you know?...
  • David built a $1 million outdoor municipal pool at no cost to taxpayers in Monroe.
  • David was on the Board of Finance in Ashby, MA and has his M.B.A.
  • David's grandmother created the 4 star rating system for movies that is still used today.
  • David’s cousin was the creator of Elmo.

Keith Alexander

Did you know?...
  • Keith has been a Newtown resident for 16 years--nine years in his first house, and seven years at his current address.
  • Keith is a Lead Architect, designing market data software for stock exchanges on Wall Street. Keith has over 20 years in the software industry.
  • Keith volunteered with the Sandy Hook School and Reed Geography Programs for 4 years, creating and maintaining their Geography Program websites and keeping the maps current. He also helped with the SHS website and the PTA websites at SHS, RIS, and NMS.