Thoughts on the 2013 Election by First Selectman Pat Llodra
These past four years have been very challenging for Newtown; challenges that have tested us in ways unprecedented and unexpected. The economic downturn of 2008 that has barely eased,  event after event of severe and damaging weather, and the horrific tragedy that was visited upon us in December of 2012, have left their mark on us in ways that persist throughout our community.  It is in these tough times that one must turn to strong and effective leaders – leaders that know how to get the job done, who do not shy away from difficult issues, who are willing to engage those with differing perspectives to find common ground, who embrace new ways of thinking and doing if those changes will better serve the community, and, above all, leaders who are compassionate, caring and wise.
Newtown has been served very well during these tough times. Our Board of Selectmen has implemented budgets over a five year period that have increased a very modest 0.84% and we instituted a new Capital Improvement Plan process to ensure that both municipal and educational needs were represented and prioritized. Our Board of Finance had the courage to institute new policies that ensure Newtown would have greater financial strength. There is no doubt that these policies, faithfully implemented, have positioned Newtown to thrive and grow.    Our Legislative Council took on difficult ordinance, charter, and budget challenges – remaining focused throughout the long months of debate, and sometime discord, on outcomes which best serve the community. And our Board of Education representatives demonstrated a capacity to serve well and honorably under difficult circumstances, bringing forth more clarity and transparency in matters that deal with resources and decision-making.
I write this essay to encourage all voters to continue to support strong government – government that has been tried by circumstance and has proven itself to be effective, acting for the best interest of our community. You, the voters, have an opportunity to return the Board of Finance, the Legislative Council, and the Board of Education folks who have served you so well these past years.  The Republican incumbents on these boards, joined by new and capable candidates, have the skills, the knowledge, and the dispositions needed to help guide us through the challenges we face now – challenges that can be met and overcome only if we have decision-makers that are courageous and smart.  I am confident in my Republican colleagues. Their service has been exemplary and they hold the promise of a positive future for our community.        

It is not just a slogan for the Republicans that we pledge to serve our community with special focus on four themes: a high quality of life for all residents; tax relief strategies that help to reduce the burden for property owners; excellence in k-12 education; and sound financial practices.  These themes guide and inform our decision-making.  We, your republican candidates, believe that these themes constitute what is right and best for Newtown.