Introducing Your 2015 Board of Education Candidates!...

Did you know?...
  • David Freedman has been working in Municipal Government and Nonprofits for 20 years
  • David Freedman was #2 in the State of Massachusetts for the Swimming stroke Butterfly for 6 years
  • Was on the Board of Finance in Ashby Massachusetts before moving to CT with his family
  • David Freedman was born and raised in America's home town where the Pilgrims landed (Plymouth Massachusetts)

Did you know?...
  • Andy was the co-founder of the Sandy Hook Arcade Center.  You may still see him toting arcade games around town for local charity events like Ben’s Lighthouse.
  • Andy is a avid football fan.  After attending SMU where he worked with the football team, he was employed by ESPN to work on College football production/broadcasting.  He has converted his entire family into huge NY Giants fans - even the dog, Eli.
  • Andy is currently serving on the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers.  He considers one of his biggest successes as a board member the sports and special events he brought to the ETH theatre including the advance screening of "Frozen" in November 2013, the March Madness Basketball tournament, Women's World Cup Soccer Finals and American Ninja Warrior Finals with local ninja/star Joe Moravsky.
  • Andy started his advertising career in New York City.  Two of his bigger clients are now on his kids list of favorite things - Lego and Dr. Pepper.