Introducing Your Legislative Council Candidates!...

District 3

Did you know?...
  • Neil has his doctorate and has authored over 50 scientific peer-reviewed and government reports primarily in field of Traffic Safety
  • Neil once walked 5 miles, rode on an overnight train on the Indian railroad, traveled by boat on the Ganges River, survived a harrowing ride in an SUV where the driver completed a 5 hour trip in 3 hours, was on a flight that turned back to origins twice in the air before each time turning back around and finally landing in a 3rdairport and was a passenger on a bicycle rickshaw (all in a single 24 hour period). 
  • In college at the University of Rochester, Neil organized a community walkathon that raised thousands of dollars for the local chapter of the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation. The foundation seeks to find a cure for the fatal blood disorder which claimed the life of his brother (18-years-old).

Did you know?...
  • Phil used to drive Newtown school children to school as an Owner/Operator but now works for the department of motor vehicles;  Phil helps young adults as well as others take their test to receive their driving permits or driver’s license.
  • Phil grew up in Newtown and attended Sandy Hook School, Middle Gate School and the combined High School/Middle School until the "New High School" was built on Washington Ave. His children also attended Newtown schools.
  • Phil has been known to go hot-rodding on a four wheeler atv, toying with a backhoe, or riding a motorcycle. 

Did you know?...
  • Tony was a Newtown Soccer Club volunteer coach for his children’s recreational teams since his moving to town, until last year when his youngest entered the Travel Soccer program. He has served as Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of the Club for the past several years.
  • Tony served on the last Charter Revision Commission whose mission was to examine the budget referendum process, specifically the concepts of splitting the Town and School  budgets for the purposes of the voting process and the addition of Advisory Questions to the ballot.    
  • Tony has been a Newtown resident since 2005, married to Catherine for 19 years, and has 3 children (Caitlin, NHS Junior; Tristan, 8th Grade FWS; and Rebecca, 5th Grade Reed)