Introducing Our 2015 Board of Finance and Board of Education Candidates...
In our newsletter last week we talked about the extraordinary lengths the Republican Town Committee goes to in order to find new, talented and qualified people to serve on our Town's boards and commissions. This year, we were fortunate enough to have more people raise their hands than seats available to serve on our Board of Finance, all with excellent qualifications and backgrounds, making our decision that much harder.  Fortunately, all candidates agreed to serve in one way or another, and that is a huge win for Newtown. 

We are proud to support these four individuals as candidates for the Board of Finance:
John Godin
Mark Boland
David Ruhs
Sandy T. Roussas

One of our candidates is an incumbent that will ensure accurate knowledge transfer and provide an understanding of the practices needed to earn and sustain our AAA ratingTwo of our candidates come from other boards, bringing with them the knowledge of how the town government works.  Three of the candidates, including our incumbent, have strong financial backgrounds and the experience to take over the helm. Three of our candidates have children currently in our school system, the fourth having just graduated his youngest child. Finally, our newest addition is a litigation attorney with strong analytical skills. She knows how to gather, research and analyze facts balancing out the diversity of skills needed for the Board of Finance. 

  • Currently serving on the Board of Finance
  • Believes the BOF needs to provide sound strategies and recommendations to ensure the financial health of our community while balancing the taxpayer’s ability to support the annual budgets.  
  • He will commit to work on your behalf to help the town move forward financially in all aspects. 
  • Risk Management Executive, GE Capital Real Estate
  • MBA, Finance, University of Connecticut
  • Currently serving on Planning & Zoning
  • Believes the Board of Finance has an enormous responsibility to continue to collaborate with other town boards and uphold our fiscal policies which allows all families to afford and enjoy the quality of life in Newtown.  
  • Born and raised in Newtown, David welcomes the opportunity to provide direction on the budget to maintain our town-wide services and educational system. 
  • Graduate, Northeastern University with dual degree in Finance & Accounting and International Business.
  • Current serving on the Conservation Commission 
  • Mark takes seriously being entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Newtown
  • He will work towards: improving the affordability index of our town through sensible and sustainable development; preserve open space; and respect the importance for all residents of maintaining the excellence of our education system. 
  • B.S. in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University
  • Sandy will be among the few Republican women to run for the Board of Finance, bringing a unique perspective to the Board.
  • Sandy's education and experience equips her with the ability to research, gather and analyze facts, and make recommendations based on those facts.  
  • Her commitment to all Newtown residents will include striking a balance between maintaining fiscal responsibility in our budgets and investing in our future.  
  • Litigation Attorney, J.D., Quinnipiac University School of Law
  • B.A., Pace University

We are equally proud of our candidates for the Board of Education:
David Freedman
Andy Clure

These two gentlemen together bring a host of valuable talents to bear. Both candidates are parents of children in the public school system here in Newtown; they understand and value our reputation for excellence in education.  David Freedman is an incumbent and in two short years has participated in a multitude of Board of Education committees: Technology, Finance, Policy and Contract Negotiations.   His experience will provide the much needed continuity for the Board of Education.   Andy Clure has been a resident in Newtown for 14 years and has managed his own business for 12 years.  As a current member of the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers, Andy has the knowledge of how town government works and how to balance resources to maintain and enhance our educational system.  We need individuals from a cross section of our community to balance the ideas and goals of the Board of Education. 

  • Currently serving on BOE
  • Willing to ask tough questions
  • Believes in fostering a stronger collaborative approach among the school board, teachers, staff, and community members.
  • Believes in maximizing our resources and thinking creatively to achieve academic excellence.
  • Demands excellence in education and investing tax dollars where they impact teaching and learning most effectively – as close to the classroom as possible.
  • Currently serving on the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers
  • Co-Founder, The Sandy Hook Arcade Center.  Created as an outlet for families and a way to connect with each other in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • Co-chair, Newtown Community Center Commission
  • Believes in creating an environment which promotes the highest level of learning for our children
  • Bachelor of Economics, 1990 Southern Methodist University  

What do Republicans Think?
We republicans have spent a great deal of time and effort finding the right candidates to fill the open positions on the Board of Finance and the Board of Education.  These candidates are of the highest quality and will contribute greatly to their respective boards.  If you review their bios, we believe you will agree.  Please join us in endorsing these fine candidates on November 3rd.

Fun Facts about our Candidates: