Are You Ready to Vote?
Over the last 10 weeks, Republicans have talked about what our promises and accomplishments have been over the last two years, what our new goals are for the upcoming two years, that we need to support the all residents (not one group) and that we need to strike a collective balance on all issues (not just one issue).  We have also reported to you on our ongoing efforts to engage new voices and find candidates to serve our community. Not only do we spend an extraordinary amount of time looking for candidates but then take the time necessary to ensure we are promoting the right candidates for the right positions. 

Additionally, we’ve spent time providing the information necessary to let you, the voter, make an informed decision about who best represents your vision of what an elected official should be focused on. To that end, we have asked our candidates to participate in all available public forums including the Board of Education and Board of Finance debates, answering questions for the profiles in the Newtown Bee and presenting biographies to the voters so they know who the candidates are and what is important to the them. 

Most recently we hosted a candidate “meet and greet” at the Senior Center to give voters an opportunity to meet our candidates personally and ask questions about issues that are important to them as residents in Newtown. Videos of portions of the forum can be reviewed on our YouTube site at 

Many topics were discussed:
  • Speaking about the challenges of encouraging housing opportunities appropriate for young people and seniors, Steve Singlak, one of our newest candidates running for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, talked about how he finds in his business that it is difficult to hire employees because they can’t afford to live in Newtown.  
  • Sandy Roussas, Board of Finance candidate, lawyer and mother of two, talks about how it’s most important to have her education dollars spent in the classroom and on quality instruction where it impacts students the most and not on buildings. 
  • Neil Chaudhary, candidate for the Legislative Council - District 1, pointed out how generous our tax relief is in relation to other communities.
  • George Guidera, running for a spot on the Legislative Council, spoke about how paralyzed things are at the state capital and, as such, makes it that much more important that we take care of our own fiscal health.
Attendees had high praise for the group. Denise Wiley said “The candidates tonight displayed a wealth of experience, a vision for our town and concern for every age group.”

Local business owner Mike Porco said he liked the idea of growth and increased revenue being used to lower the mil rate.

Weren’t able to make this forum? 
Join us on Saturday, October 24th at the Newtown Country Club at 4pm for our final "Meet and Greet" forum. 

What do Republicans Think?

We Republicans believe we can stand on our own.  We have made an effort to stay positive, to talk about our past promises and successes, to talk about our future plans and to provide information about each candidate –all without attacking our opponents. We believe that the voters of Newtown, given the facts and presented with reasonable info, will support our candidates. We hope you agree.  Please take some time to review the wealth of information about the volunteers raising their hand to support you. Candidate information can be found at: