Everyone Matters, Everyone Benefits
Republicans believe that we have a responsibility to honor and support all of our residents. It is our duty to act on the behalf of the entire community.  That’s why our past and future plans are multi-faceted and encompass all Newtown residents – not just one issue or one demographic.  We believe everyone matters.

The cornerstone of our future is our children and their education. Ensuring we are adequately funding education in order to facilitate their success is the best way to create bright future opportunities for them. At the same time we need to insure the money we spend is where it most benefits them specifically: exceptional teachers and staff, services to increase their success, and a safe and secure learning environment. We need to make sure we aren't wasting money on unnecessary items and that is why it is important to review our services and facilities for duplication, efficiencies and outdated methods. Republicans think it is imperative to continue the conversation about consolidation of duplicate services, declining enrollment and efficiencies, and focusing resources as close to the classroom as possible.

Did you know the school district has already lost well over 1000 students since 2006-07 and the medium enrollment projection shows a future loss of around 1000 more by 2025 – a decrease of over 35%?

While providing our children with education is one of the foundations of our community, so is providing for our all of our residents including our seniors. Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in our community. They aren't as vocal as parents with school aged children, but their issues are important. All of our residents need appropriate and adequate housing and services and, in some cases, tax relief so that they can continue to enjoy living in Newtown well into the future.  

Did you know, according to a publication from “Partnership for Strong Communities”1, our senior population 65 and over will increase by 51% as compared to 2010?

Did you know that the seniors were one of the demographics in town that was particularly affected by the most recent revaluation?

We have invested in our senior tax relief and will continue to monitor that program to make sure those who need our support the most are getting it.  Let's make Newtown a place that welcomes all demographics, provides services that support everyone’s needs and has housing to match.

We believe in providing a more planned and appropriate business friendly environment that will not only supply jobs to many of our residents but also produce additional tax revenue that will offset the residential tax burden. We Republicans believe we need to ensure our business climate allows businesses to develop, grow and thrive. Newtown has begun to turn the corner in being more appropriately business friendly that will benefit everyone by helping to balance our grand list and by making Newtown a vibrant community.

Did you know the Town, as reported by the Economic and Community Development Office at the end of August, is projecting 12 new and expanded businesses that will provide approximately $2.271 million in additional tax revenue and much of this we can attribute to our updated Business Incentive Plan? 

Some initiatives are not so obvious in how they can help all taxpayers.  Passing a blighted property ordinance has been instrumental in cleaning up and making properties safe so that they can be returned to the tax rolls.  Applying for state and federal grants to clean up brownfields also provides a means to return properties to the tax rolls.  Installing sewers is a mechanism to create a greater opportunity in some locations for commercial development.

Did you know that a vacant, blighted building on Church Hill Road long considered to be an eyesore was demolished clearing one of the “Visual Gateways” into Newtown.2

Did you know that the Town of Newtown received a $150,000 grant from the Department of Economic and Community Development for the brownfield redevelopment of the Batchelder property located in the Botsford business district?

Did you know that the “Medical Mile” in the exit 9 area will have two new medical buildings, a professional office building and future housing related to the Grace Christian Church?  All of this is possible because sewers were installed in the area.  All of this helps to balance residential and commercial taxes.

There seems to be something new going on in all corners of Newtown!  The borough is enjoying all sorts of commercial development: new shops are being built at Lexington Village, a new gas station/convenience store opened adjacent to I-84 exit 10, Newtown Hook and Ladder broke ground on their new firehouse, a new bakery and eatery is at the flagpole is almost complete, and a new building exists on Queen Street to house Dr. Nowacki’s new dentist office and quilt shop.  On South Main Street we find a new pizza place called Soho Pizza, a heavenly dog spa called Divine Dogs and a great new coffee house called Café Xpresso.  Lastly, there are plans to do some improvements to Dickenson Park and Eichlers Cove, add more sidewalks, renovate spaces in the Booth Library and Edmond Town Hall, and refurbish the aging High School Auditorium.  Our future is bright and all of these projects are made possible through our modified land use policies, our strong economic development team, our strong town board leadership and coordinated efforts of current and future business owners.

What Do Republicans Think?
Republicans have played a large part in establishing policies and priorities that benefit all age groups.  We also understand that other board, departments and individuals have played important roles in this collaboration.  This is all a balancing act and being able to control spending, reduce debt, increase commercial property development, partner with business owners and borrow at lower rates are all critical components it. Republicans think that we need to always keep the big picture in mind and check in regularly with all of our citizens regardless of their demographic. We are not a one issue party.  Our candidates are not one issue candidates. We are willing to address difficult issues and act on behalf of the entire community.