Introducing Our 2015 Legislative Candidates...
We've talked about our Board of Finance and Board of Education candidates and now it is time to talk about our Legislative Council candidates.  Of the nine possible positions, we are fortunate to have seven returning incumbents, one former councilman, Dan Wiedemann, who served in 2011, and a brand new highly qualified candidate and former six term Weston First Selectman, George Guidera.

We are proud to support these nine individuals as candidates for the Legislative Council:

In district 1, we are privileged to have a well seasoned group.  Both George Ferguson and Joe Girgasky have served multiple terms on the Legislative Council.  While George Guidera is new to the mix, his experience includes six terms as the Weston First Selectman, four terms as a State Representative and State Senator in the General Assembly, one term as Chairman of the prestigious Senate Judiciary Committee, 12 years as the Legislative Commissioner of the State of Connecticut and currently is serving on Newtown's Charter Revision Commission .  Quite a resume!  All three candidates express concern over balancing property taxes, relief efforts for seniors and veterans, roads, schools, appropriate community growth and community quality.  We are lucky to have such a veteran group of candidates.

District 2 also boasts of experience.  Currently Mary Ann Jacob leads the Legislative Council as the unanimously elected chair and is seeking her fourth term.  Mary Ann Jacob is always willing to ask difficult questions and tackle sensitive issues in a fair, thoughtful and balanced manner as can be demonstrated by the exemplary way she handled the recent gun ordinance and many other delicate issues that have gone to the council.  First time home owner Ryan Knapp is completing his first full term after being appointed previously.  Ryan makes good use of his analytical skills developed as an engineer to analyze each opportunity from a higher conceptual level down to the nuts and bolts of an issue.  He currently serves as the Ordinance Chair and has worked collaboratively with Ms. Jacob to help shape both the senior tax abatement ordinance and the firearms ordinance.  Finally, Dan Wiedemann, is a former councilman who was previously elected in 2011.  He has decided to run this term so that he can help address the balancing act that come with weighing the requests in the yearly budget. Dan has served the town in many capacities which range from over 10 years in the Newtown Youth Basketball program to his current volunteer job as a Charter Revision member.  Again, we are privileged to have such a wealth of knowledge and experience for District 2.

Lastly, District 3 is also a team with a great deal knowledge.  Phil Carroll is running for his third term while Neil Chaudhary and Anthony Filiato both run for their second term.  Neil Chaudhary is the current vice-chair of the Legislative Council and would like to continue to encourage business growth in Newtown in a manner that is consistent with the character of Newtown without negatively impacting residential property values and quality of life.  Neil is also the current Education chair whose focus is on maintaining education excellence using fiscally sound resources.  Tony would like to continue to employ his skill set to create and employ Newtown's policies and procedures for a fiscally responsible government which acts judiciously on taxes and grows the Grand List to ease the tax burden on town residents.  Phil Carroll has been a mainstay in district 3 with his historical knowledge of the town as a long-time owner operator.  He cares deeply for Newtown and brings to the table responsible and fair leadership in moving Newtown forward.

What do Republicans Think?
We Republicans are thinking of the future.  We need experience and leadership if we are going to grow our community in a responsible and thoughtful manner without compromising our qualify of life.  That is why our slate of legislative council candidates makes the most sense.  All of our candidates are concerned about the residential tax burden and the need to grow our commercial base.  With our team, you can count on us to develop plans and act on them in a thoughtful manner.  Please review their bios and join us in endorsing these fine candidates on November 3rd.

If you don't know which district you are in, use your street address to find your district and voting location:

Legislative Council Candidate Bios:

Fun Facts about our Candidates: