Planning and Vision
Republicans believe that strong values are the cornerstone of how effective governmental bodies can move forward.  In 2011 and 2013, Republicans, led by First Selectman Pat Llodra, campaigned on and laid out core values and goals that continue to guide and inform our decisions today. Reaching these lofty goals can be challenging as they are so intertwined. Lets take a look at what your Republican team feels they should focus on in the next two years: 

Continue to Address the Residential Tax Burden
Addressing the residential tax burden is not a simple task.  The tax rate is a result of balancing operating expenses, revenues from homeowners and businesses, and debt resulting from large capital projects.  Although Republicans have focused on making our local government operate as efficiently as possible, there are still challenges ahead: 
  • Return distressed properties to the tax rolls
  • Reduce spending to a rate that reflects the relationship between spending and the reduction in enrollment
  • Lower our debt as a percentage of our budget
  • Continue to expand on combining Town and School “like” services for better efficiency, transparency and savings
  • Since the Town and school district combine to be Newtown’s the largest employer, a large federal “Cadillac Tax” surcharge, mandated under the Affordable Care Act, is expected to cost taxpayers an additional $800,000 to $1.2 million beginning in 2017-18.  While the regulations associated with this Affordable Care Act are not yet complete, your elected Republicans continue to stay abreast of this program and communicate with state and federal officials so that we can absorb the impact and still maintain all of our current services.
Excellence in Education
Tax dollars need to be invested where they impact teaching and learning most effectively and as close to the classroom as possible.   Republicans believe excellence in education is a contributor to community growth and can still be achieved while managing the cost.  To that end, we support:
  • Educational initiatives for students presented by the Board of Education
  • An update of our district Strategic Plan
  • An operating budget that will gain support on the first vote
  • The critical and challenging mental health needs knowing that federal funding is declining
Expansion of Recreational, Social and Cultural Opportunities for All Citizens
Opportunities to connect with people creates a strong sense of community making us feel like there is a greater purpose than just our own circle of friends and greatly improves our quality of life.  Republicans think it’s important to:
  • Invest capital dollars to remove more buildings at Fairfield Hills
  • Move forward on building a community center
  • Invest annually in open space
  • Improve Eichler’s Cove
  • Support improvements at CH Booth Library and Edmond Town Hall
  • Support Dickenson Park improvements
  • Re-turf the High School stadium
Community Safety
Safety is of paramount importance in Newtown.  
  • Provide suitable and state of the art facilities for our police department
  • Continue to evaluate our school and town safety procedures
  • Continue to invest in infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges
Address Newtown’s Changing Demographics
Since 2006-07, the school district has already lost well over 1000 students and the medium enrollment projection shows a future loss of around 1000 more by 2025 – a decrease of over 35%.   On the flipside, according to a publication from “Partnership for Strong Housing”1, our seniors 65 and over will increase by 51% as compared to 2010 data.  Republicans believe it is important to:
  • Continue to expand programs that benefit seniors including improving our existing Senior Tax Relief Program
  • Support an appropriate place for our seniors to gather
  • Conclude our town and school facilities discussion and implement the most appropriate and efficient recommendations

What do Republicans Think?

There are no easy answers.  Strong and effective leadership is needed at all levels of government to address these challenges. The relationships between taxes, community growth and development, and changing demographics are layered and complex.  Each area strikes at that which we value most: excellence in education; strong quality of life; a high standard in public safety; and meaningful opportunities in recreation, civic engagement, social interaction and cultural enjoyment for residents of all ages.   

We believe that our Republican team has the skill set, the experience, the commitment, and the higher level of understanding needed to effectively address the challenges. We will demonstrate the courage and tenacity necessary to find solutions and execute appropriate action-plans. Our actions will be based on what we learn to be in the common good.