The Right Stuff
It takes a special kind of person to volunteer and serve on a Town board or commission.  Often times, serving the Town means many hours spent away from family and friends with no compensation other than the satisfaction of trying to make Newtown a better place.    People lead busy lives and have many competing demands.  Finding people willing to serve is not an easy task. 

Republicans recognize this challenge and have stepped up.  We feel we have a responsibility to attract new people to serve, grow, debate issues and lead. Over the last several elections we have developed new strategies to bring many new faces to the table.  The Newtown Republican Town Committee (RTC) has hosted a number of events in order to find new candidates with the intention of allowing them to meet their sitting and experienced elected officials, understand the level of commitment required to serve and give them the opportunity to decide if they would like to be involved to serve Newtown in any capacity.  The RTC is grateful to all our members for their continuous support and generous donation of both time and money, as it is the foundation of a successful campaign. Regular fundraisers are what help finance our efforts to serve the people of Newtown. 

Did you know that since 2013 the RTC has held several large events that included 32 new, interested parties?  Some of these folks now serve on various boards and commissions.

We open our doors monthly to all Newtown Republicans and unaffiliated/independent voters to attend our regular meetings where they can hear about current issues, meet their elected officials, learn about opportunities to serve and understand how the local government works.  Advertising our monthly meetings in the local paper and on social media is an example of our openness and ongoing community outreach. 

The candidates committee of the Newtown RTC has a long standing practice of ensuring every interested candidate gets an interview by the committee.  If we are fortunate enough to have multiple qualified, interested parties for the same seat, both the new candidate and the incumbent interview to ensure the integrity of this process.  In order to fill the 2015 Republican slate, the RTC started canvassing potential candidates in the spring of 2014.

Did you know that 62 people were interviewed for both the upcoming election and for the various openings on appointed boards and commissions that became available in that time frame? 

Background, experience, ability to serve and a willingness to support and be a part of the public process are all considerations when we try to place a candidate in an open seat on a board or commission.  This past year we had so many candidates for the major boards that there were not enough seats available.  Fortunately, those people, out of a willingness to serve, agreed to alternate positions.

The Newtown RTC also embraces unaffiliated and independent voters in our candidate selection process. Of the 62 people interviewed in the last two years, 14 have been unaffiliated voters who were interested in serving but wanted to maintain their party independence. That’s OK; we do not require qualified candidates to change parties, only to have the right substance for the job and to care about our community enough to serve. 

Did you know that 7 of the 14 unaffiliated candidates are now serving Newtown as board or committee members as recommended by the Newtown RTC?

Did you know that this outreach and interview process has given the Newtown RTC the opportunity to recommend 42 new candidates for 12 different boards and commissions? Seven new faces are on our 2015 slate for the November elections.

What do Republicans Think?

Republicans have worked hard to ensure our candidates have the right qualifications to lead.  We are not willing to leave a seat uncontested or to just insert a placeholder.  Our candidates have the right background for each position, their concern is for the big picture not just a single issue and are well informed about current and future issues. Please take some time to read the bios of each and every candidate before you cast your vote.  Do they have the right background for the job?  Have they been attending the meetings of the board they hope to serve on in an effort to better understand the issues?  We are proud of our slate and hope you will visit our website to learn more about our candidates: 

Interested in serving Newtown? Please contact us or come to one of our regular meetings at the Senior Center on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm.