Top 10 Things Republicans Want You to Know
Why is this Election Important?
Why Should You Vote for Republicans?

1. Republicans have represented the entire town and will continue to do so, not just a narrow constituency.  This is real balance. We believe that’s what the voters expect from their elected officials.

2. Republicans aren’t afraid to have difficult discussions or make difficult decisions.

3. Republicans have kept your taxes flat for the last two years. Republican incumbents have led the charge for fiscal responsibility and smart decision-making.  New Republican candidates come with the knowledge, skills and capacity to continue these traditions.

4. Republicans don’t think waiting to discuss declining enrollment or space need issues for the entire town is good for our community. We recognize the importance of addressing the facilities needs of police and seniors and call for a decision on school building use as a part of forward planning. Our opponents say, "What’s the rush?" We say, "Why wait?" It’s been an issue since 2006.  The time has come to confront it and act. The time has come to have that conversation as a community.

5. The coming year will bring many important challenges to Newtown. For example, making the right decision about a community center will affect generations to come and Republicans have been working hard, hand in hand with members of our community, to make the right decision for Newtown.

6. We believe reducing debt is critical. Our opponents want to add to it. We already have a state that overspends, creating an untenable situation and additional burden on Newtowners.  We cannot survive if we also allow our community to overspend as well.

7. Republicans are committed to excellence in education and our performance as a district remains high. Republicans will continue to strive for quality education but our tax dollars should be spent wisely and as close to the classroom as possible where it has the biggest impact on our children’s education.

8. Republicans have supported new businesses and growth in the grand list by supporting investment in infrastructure like the sewer project at exit 9 as well as providing tax incentives to many new and existing businesses in town including smart economic development in Sandy Hook. These actions have helped diversify the tax base and keep your taxes down. We recognize 
town-wide growth and development is consistent with our core values, our culture, and our Plan of Conservation and Development.

9. Republicans support a diverse community by providing tax incentives to seniors so they can stay in town as well as development suited for young adults so our young people can come back to town and build their families and careers.

10.  Republicans are grateful to serve our community. We are humbled by the responsibility given to us by the people of Newtown and we look forward to continuing our work on your behalf. Please do not forget to vote on November 3.