Armel R Kouassi
4 Quarry Ridge Rd
Newtown, CT

Armel R. Kouassi

Office:Board of Finance


When my wife and I moved from Chesterfield, Missouri five years ago, we were looking for a place we can call home. We felt in love of the quaint beautiful town of Newtown. My girls Alexiane, Matiya and Camille are benefiting from an amazing school system, they made friends in Newtown and are enjoying the many activities the town has to offer. We truly believe Newtown is the place where memories are made. We cherish the beautiful environment, the sense of community and the intergenerational relationship.

I would like Newtown to continue to prosper for all its residents while preserving its character. I will approach issues with fact-based, open-minded and work harder to improve the financial strength of our beautiful town through common-sense and practical approaches. I plan to support the long-term financial viability of the town through:

  • careful and thoughtful spending practice to maintain high-quality services, an A+ rated school system and seek ways to moderate the tax burden with prioritization and innovative ideas.
  • focus on capital expenditure
  • and ensuring the town's capital assets are being maintained and improved in the most cost-effective manner.

My extensive experience in management and finance will allow me to help Newtown manage the town’s finances professionally and carefully for the benefits of the residents. I have a good sense of what it takes to manage a town  budget, including knowledge of appropriate processes and controls.

I have thoroughly enjoy attending several board of finance meetings to understand firsthand the budgeting and financial issues facing Newtown. I will be thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the town of Newtown dear to me and my family. I look forward to serving my fellow Newtown residents.


Personal Facts:

    • Banking Executive with over 15 years of experience. Successfully manage my team and budget.
      • Director State Street Corporations, managing $160Bn deposits portfolioFirst Vice President M&T Bank / Hudson City Savings Bank managing $80Bn bank assets
      • Vice President Citi Bank, managing $160Bn mortgages portfolio
      • Manager GE Capital
      • Senior Auditor KPMG consulting for distressed companies
    • Demonstrated experience managing billions of dollars of assets and multi-million-dollar budgets
    • Extensive experience in managing complex bank balance sheet, and, including budgeting, reporting, establishing controls, monitoring variations of actual results against planned results and establishing contingency plan.
    • Board member Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra
    • Graduate with MBA Finance Wharton School University of Pennsylvania
    • Graduate with Master in Finance European School of Management Paris, France

    • Married to high school sweet heart Valerie for 11 years, dad to Camille (2), Alexiane (6) and Matiya (9) 
    • Newtown Youth Sports Fan!
    • St-Louis Cardinals Fan! No offense to Yankee and Met fans!
    • Love US Women Soccer Team!
    • Live in Cote D’Ivoire, France, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Netherlands
    • Fluent in French and German
    • Love my 5:01am morning espresso
    • Fun stuff: I trained 2 days with the marine corps in Quantico Virginia…. I needed 1 week off to recuperate. I realized the challenging training our brave men in uniform go through.