Planning and Zoning Candidate

Jim Swift
Did you know?...
  • Jim has worked in construction since graduating from Utica College with a BS in Construction Management, and built the fireplace in the photo.
  • After a twenty five year hiatus, Jim got back into cycling and now competes on a regular basis, but is still looking for that elusive first victory.
  • Jim moved to Newtown in 1990, has been married to his wife Theresa for 13 years, and has two sons  - Orlando and William.
Planning and Zoning Alternate Candidate

Peggy Fillion
Did you know?...
  • Did you know that I have been an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist for 37 years.

  • Did you know that I was assistant editor of our professional journal for 10 years.
  • Did you know that have that I have a love for the outdoors and have taught wilderness backpacking (all four seasons) and white water canoeing and kayaking.
Zoning Board of Appeals Candidate

Charles Annett
Did you know?...
  • Skip is an active supporter of Ability Beyond Disability employing 42 people on 3 shifts in his Belimo manufacturing operations.  He has been Chairman of large United Way Fund raising activites at several previous employers.  He was a Newtown recreation league girls softball coach.
  • Skip completed a number of zoning land use courses at Western Connecticut State University in addition to participating as an active voting  member at hundrerds of Zoning Board of Appeals hearings which included walking the land area of a majority of Newtown.  He holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut.
  • Skip and his wife Peggy have lived in Newtown following service in the Navy. Skip is the Manufacturing Manager at Belimo in Danbury.  They have 3 children who attended local schools and are now married with families of their own. 

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate Candidate

Roy Meadows
Did you know?...
  • Roy is a chemical engineer and worked 33 years for Union Carbide/Dow Chemical. His experience includes plant design, international licensing, and management. He currently is a consultant in the area of licensing chemical technologies. He also does handyman work for A1 Handyman LLC.
  • Roy is interested in land use and has served as an alternate on the ZBA for four years.
  • Roy is an avid outdoors-person and enjoys hiking, backpacking, skiing, canoeing, and fishing.
Police Commission Candidate

Brian Budd
Did you know?...
  • Brian has been a full time professional law enforcement officer for the past seventeen years, and for the past four years he has been a supervisor assigned to investigative services. 

  • Brian co-authored a traffic-calming ordinance as a police commissioner for Newtown to help residents address traffic concerns in their neighborhoods.

  • Brian and his family have lived in Newtown since 1993. He attends Walnut Hill Community Church, where he serves on the men’s leadership team.

Board of Assessment Appeals Candidate

James McFarland
Did you know?...
  • James once had a summer job capturing, tagging and tracking cockroaches for research projects conducted at Purdue University's Department of Entomology.

  • James wrote and performed a play in 4th grade.  Growing up in the 1970's, his play included Television-style commercials.

  • James held his first computer programming job while a freshman at Purdue University in 1980.

Town Hall Board of Managers Candidate

Margot Hall
Did you know?...
  • Margot worked at the Edmond Town Hall almost daily for 34 years.

  • Margot, as a current member of the Board of Town Hall Managers, recently toured the “mechanicals” of the Town Hall, particularly the boiler room.  Did you know that there are two magnificent boilers which have heated the Town Hall since it’s dedication with an ample supply of heat, and that we just serviced them?