Re-Elect First Selectman Patricia E. Llodra

Patricia E. Llodra
90 Riverside Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482 
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Our Core Values and Principles

In our campaigning for First Selectman and Board of Selectman and during our time in service in those roles we focus on meeting people and learning about their hopes and desires, their visions for our Town, and their concerns. We realize that the community ‘voice’ is made up of made many individuals, with diverse perspectives, yet with many common goals for the future of our Town. 

Much of what we learned through our personal conversations with you and others can be captured in these statements: (Read More...)

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Our Positions on the Issues
written by Pat llodra and Will Rodgers, June 15 2011

We stand for carefully considered choices aligned with the community vision, based on our ability to pay.

Fiscal responsibility

Carefully manage our fiscal future; prioritize needs aligned with a long-term plan and vision; control spending and get more for every dollar through increased use of technology, cooperation and collaboration by both town and school agencies. Improve the annual process for budget development and capital improvement planning so that resource allocation is justified and aligned with established priorities.  (Read more...)  

Long-range Planning

Use effective data collection and analysis processes to identify and plan for municipal and educational needs for the next decade.  Collaborate with town and school agencies to update and refine existing plans and incorporate this information into a long-range vision for Newtown.  (Read more...)

Quality of Life

Protect, preserve and develop our village neighborhoods. Support the plan for development that respects the character and uniqueness of these neighborhoods. Be mindful of the needs of our senior citizens. Continue to invest in open space and the creation of linked greenways that provide aesthetic value and recreation. Promote and support development of parks and fields that provide
family-friendly opportunities for recreation and social contact.  (Read more...)

Fairfield Hills

Review and update the Fairfield Hills Master Plan to guide and focus future development. Ensure that this plan aligns with town-wide priorities; is integrated into the long-range vision and plan of development; and is implemented within the constraints of fiscal realities.  (Read more...)


Support quality education so that all students receive a challenging curriculum, gain essential knowledge, and develop the skills necessary to achieve their full potential. We strongly encourage innovative, cost-effective approaches in order to achieve this goal.  (Read more...)