Introducing Your Legislative Council Members ...

District 1

Joe Girgasky

Did you know?...
  • Joe and his wife have been married for 25 years, lived in Newtown for 18 years, and their son is currently attending Newtown High School.
  • Joe wishes to continue to promote a family friendly, fiscally responsible, affordable Newtown.
  • Being a private pilot is one of Joe’s favorite hobbies.

George Ferguson

Did you know?...
  • George is grateful to the citizens of Newtown for their support of his candidacy for the Connecticut General Assembly (4,700 equally 49%) . 
  • George, as a member of the Ordinance Committee, contributed to the collaborative effort of the Legislative Council to pass four new and revise four ordinances, including Medical Self Insurance Board and Fund, Child Safety, Fire Lanes and a Flood / FEMA ordinance that has come in really handy following Irene’s visit
  • George work behind the scenes efforts got the “Don’t Waste Hawleyville” movement going and guided the initial conversation to preserve the open space at “Ferris Farm”.

Bob Merola

Did you know?...
  • Bob and his wife Terry have been Newtown residents and St. Rose parishioners for 24 years.  Both daughters graduated in the top 10% from Newtown High School. One is a college professor and the other is a Special Federal Agent. Bob and Terry have two grandchildren.
  • Bob retired from IBM after 37 years, and subsequently raised funds for the United Way of Western Connecticut. He fully supported the United Way’s launch of Imagination Library in Newtown.
  • Active in youth sports, Bob has coached softball, soccer and basketball. He has been both a soccer and swimming official. After arriving in Newtown, Bob was an assistant coach for 7th and 8th grade boys basketball for 7 years.