Introducing Your Legislative Council Members ...

District 3

Mitch Bolinsky
Did you know?...
  • Mitch and his family have been Newtown residents since 2000.  He has been a community volunteer for all 11 years living in Town - most notably as a Cub Scout Leader because he believes that our children are a priority.
  • Mitch co-authored a global warming bill in California that was adopted by Congress and sent to the U.S. Senate. The Board chair characterized it as “ outstanding example open and transparent process...”. His efforts show that “win-win” outcomes can be achieved with cooperation and consideration.
  • Mitch worked with a team from NASA to write and co-direct a “Hallmarks of Innovation Series* short video that can be found on i-Tunes and NASA TV.  Check out his 3-minute product-innovation story on YouTube at:

Jeff Capeci
Did you know?...
    • Jeff develops database applications for a world leader in semiconductor equipment manufacturing
    • Jeff is an avid cyclist who has participated in numerous rides throughout the Northeast.
    • Jeff enjoys many other outdoor activities including hiking the open space of Newtown with Clover and Wrinkles, the two family dogs.

    Phil Carroll
    Did you know?...
    • Phil grew up in Newtown and attended Sandy Hook School, Middle Gate School and the combined High School/Middle School until the "New High School" was built on Washington Ave. His children also attended Newtown schools.
    • Phil has been driving school buses for twenty-six years and has been a Newtown Owner/Operator for sixteen years. He is a state certified school bus driving instructor, and safety coordinator. He was instrumental in acquiring a $280,000 EPA grant for the school district. 
    • Phil would be honored to work with the hard working, dedicated volunteers that make up the Legislative Council, and is asking for your vote.  He can be reached at 203-512-4120 or  if you would like to talk or have questions.