About E. Patricia Llodra

Pat Llodra has broad experience in both the public and private sector and a proven record of leadership, which is evident from her personal, professional, and public life.

Work Ethic and Common Sense Thinking

As the daughter of a large farming family, Pat's values are deeply rooted in the ethic of hard work, sacrifice, common sense thinking, and clarity of purpose. Those attributes combined with her keen intelligence and a genuine capacity to work with and lead others helped her achieve success and recognition throughout her career.

Personal Life: Family Values & Community Service

Moving to Newtown in 1970 with husband Bob and three small children, Pat became involved in local issues through active membership in: Sandy Hook PTA, the PTA Council, the St. Rose Parish Council, the League of Women Voters, and the Republican Town Committee. She was elected to a six-year term on the Board of Education in 1976.

Even then, Pat's focus was to serve by building a strong community with excellent educational programs, recreational opportunities, and sound fiscal planning. In 1977, she was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for the Outstanding Young Woman of the Year.

Professional Life: Education, Excellence, Leadership

Pat worked to build a successful 30–year career as an educator and leader, with her achievement gaining state and national recognition. In 1978, Pat became a National Science Foundation Fellow in the study of mathematics and then received the Scholar's Award for original study in applied psychology. She was a PIMMS Fellow (Project to Increase the Mastery of Math and Science) in 1984 and 1985 and was elected to the Connecticut Academy of Educational Leaders. Pat was selected, by her peers, as Connecticut's Principal of the Year in 2001.

Retired as principal of Northwestern, she served as the Leader-in-Residence with the State Department of Education under a grant funded by the Wallace Foundation. Her focus was on building the capacity of school leaders to improve student achievement. She served as interim principal of Newtown High School for six months. Pat then returned to the state department to design a statewide program of leadership development focused on those districts and schools not meeting federal standards, and then as chief executive, to administer the leadership development aspect of that program.

Pat also works in the private sector as vice-president of her family business which is a marketing and sales firm serving the personal care industry. As vice-president Pat develops operational policy, advises on long-term strategy and business planning.

Public Service: Collaboration & Fiscal Responsibility

First elected to Newtown's Legislative Council in 2005, Pat won re-election in 2007. She served as chair of both the Education Subcommittee and of the Communications Subcommittee. She was also a member of the Ordinance and Municipal Facilities Committees.

As an elected official, Pat focused her leadership abilities on improving collaboration within the Council and enhancing communication with the community, especially during budget deliberations. Pat made a difference as her committees work to cut costs and increase efficiencies through the use of technology, as well as cooperation among all municipal agencies and the Board of Education.

Pat can be contacted via email at patllodra@aol.com and can be found on Facebook at Pat Llodra for First Selectman.