September 2001

Dear Newtown friends and neighbors,

We are asking for financial support in this campaign for election on November 8, 2011.  We understand at a personal level that difficult economic realities have constrained everyone’s discretionary funds.  If this election were not so important to all of Newtown, we would not ask for your help.  We are faced, however, with competition for First Selectman and Board of Selectmen from a team whose principles differ considerably from what we offer.  It is essential that we, Pat Llodra and Will Rodgers, put forth our beliefs and plans vigorously using a variety of media and formats so that all Newtowners will know the differences between us and our opponents and will act on that knowledge by voting for us this November.

We are running for office again, as a team.  We work well together. We share common values and are committed to the long-term growth and prosperity of our town.  We have stayed on track these first two years following the agenda and overarching goals we set back in 2009; namely Balanced and Positive Leadership, Financial Discipline; Communication and Collaboration; Quality of Life; and Planning.   Progress has been made on all these fronts, but so much more needs to be accomplished.  

There is a clear distinction to be drawn between what we, the top of the Republican ticket have to offer and that of our competitors.  We ask you first to consider our open letter to the citizens of Newtown. It expresses what we feel are the core values of our town and the guiding principles of our leadership.  A second document reviews our goals at the outset of our service as selectmen, what we have accomplished, and what next steps we will seek when returned to office in November 2011.

Should you be willing and able to help us out, campaign contributions can be made:

Harry Waterbury
11 Chimney Swift Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Please make checks payable to: Committee to Elect Pat Llodra and Will Rodgers. Make sure your name and address appear on the check or are attached. If you are a lobbyist, please note that on an enclosure for reporting purposes. According to Connecticut State Election Law, the maximum contribution per person, per calendar year, cannot exceed $1000.

 We appreciate any amount and thank you in advance for your generosity.  Funds are needed almost immediately so ask that you consider a return by Oct.1.   

In closing, please know also that we appreciate your kind words and support.  We would love to hear from you. We welcome your thoughts, your questions, and your ideas.