Our Core Values
September 2011

Dear Newtowners,

In our campaigning for First Selectman and Board of Selectman and during our time in service in those roles we focus on meeting people and learning about their hopes and desires, their visions for our Town, and their concerns. We realize that the community ‘voice’ is made up of made many individuals, with diverse perspectives, yet with many common goals for the future of our Town. 

Much of what we learned through our personal conversations with you and others can be captured in these statements:

1) Newtown must address the tax burden placed on its property owners. Economies and efficiencies must be sought, and the impact of debt on current and future residents must inform spending decisions. Appropriate commercial/industrial development should proceed only when in concert with the town’s character and culture.  

2) Newtown schools must continue the long tradition of excellence by becoming more resourceful, providing quality programs, and being customer (parent) responsive.    

3) Newtown must continue to strengthen and expand recreational, social, and cultural opportunities for all its citizens.        

4) Newtown’s physical appearance is very important.  This includes not only roads and sidewalks, open spaces, greenways, and parklands, but the strict enforcement of housing, zoning, and environmental health codes to prevent the appearance of neglect.

5) Newtown’s government must provide the best customer service. The Town must commit itself to continuous improvement to achieve this.

6) Newtown must remain a safe community with equal protection for all persons and property.

7) Newtown must expand its efforts at being more engaged with its residents as it sets public policy, and recognize the importance that strong neighborhoods have in enhancing the vitality of the community. 
Although not an exhaustive representation of the many conversations we share with you, these seven statements reflect ideas commonly held.

We now are embarking on a second round of walking neighborhoods, talking with residents, and confirming or re-calibrating our understanding of your hopes, desires, and concerns.  Our goal is to continue representing you and to work toward the best future for Newtown through another term of service in our local government. 

As always, it is a pleasure to meet and talk with you. Please feel free to contact either one of us with your thoughts or questions.