Introducing the Board of Selectman and Board of Finance Candidates...
Board of Selectman

Did you know?...
  • A scholarship in Pat's name has been created by the Women's Campaign School at Yale.
  • Pat took 14 years to complete her bachelor's degree.  She ran out of money and had to quit at the end of her junior year to go to work.  She got married, had babies, and then returned to finish degree a decade later.
  • Pat has lived in Newtown since 1970.

Board of Finance

Did you know?...
  • John initiated and helped author Newtown's senior tax relief program, scenic road ordinance as well as Newtown's annual commitment of two million dollars of bonding to fund the Open Space purchases.
  • John is a Managing Director at Wells Fargo and has a degree in Applied Economics which has provided him the background to implement programs that has helped the Town receive many bonding upgrades saving the taxpayers millions.
  • John loves to cook, garden and restore homes.


Did you know?...
  • Will is a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom August, 2006 through March, 2007.
  • Will was Chairman of the Legislative Council for the last 6 years of his 12 year term.
  • Will was the Chairman of the Hattertown Historic District Commission from 1993 to 1997.

Did you know?...
  • Joe has traveled to numerous foreign countries and most of the United States in his position as SVP Business Development for an international duty free retailer, and prior to that he was a Controller and VP of Finance for an international construction company and real estate company, respectively.
  • Joe was an early advocate for rebidding the high school addition without changing the original scope of the project.  The subsequent bids ended up saving the town 7 million dollars.
  • Joe rode with the 2nd Company Governors Horse Guard in the 2004 Presidential Inaugural Parade.

Did you know?...
  • John was appointed to two Charter Revision Commissions.  He was Vice Chairman the first time and Chairman the second time.
  • John was one of the founders of the Newtown Turkey Trot.
  • John is an avid fan of "Deadliest Catch" and "Pawn Stars".

Did you know?...
  • Harry and his wife Gerry moved to Newtown in 1972. They raised their family and educated their children here. Both Harry and Gerry have spent a majority of their professional careers working in Newtown. Newtown is his home.
  • Harry has been Chairman of the Finance Council at St. Rose Church for fourteen years and a member of the Board of Finance for twelve years. These long-term community commitments have provided Harry with multiple experiences where difficult financial decisions must be continually made.
  • Harry has seven grandchildren. They are seven of the most unbelievable people in the world. These days the most important thing Harry can be called is Pa.