George T. Ferguson
49 Taunton Hill Road
Newtown, CT 06470

George T. Ferguson

Office: Legislative Council - 1st District

Objectives: Keeping it "Nicer in Newtown" … it really is, and always will be, a group effort

Keeping Newtown a great place to live, work and raise a family takes solid and consistent leadership and this is especially true with the myriad of challenges our community faces.

If reelected, I will continue to be a common sense voice for good schools and reasonable taxes.  I will vote to allocate resources to needed services that measurably improve the quality of life for all of our residents.  I will also be a voice of reason and restraint when it comes to spending and borrowing.  Now is not the time to invest resources for things that might be nice, but are not necessary, and where a clear return on investment cannot be articulated.  I have long posited the argument that having debt service be our second largest annual budget expenditure is not prudent or sustainable, and will continue to argue that case.  We cannot mortgage our children’s or our community’s future.

I will continue to efforts to maintain the scenic, rural and historic character of our community.  At the same time, I will support prudent economic development that preserves that character, while concurrently bringing high skill jobs and economic resources to Town.  At this time, this is perhaps our greatest challenge, because the economic position and the policies of the State of Connecticut exacerbate the risks and cost of doing business here.

Indeed the road ahead is fraught with complex challenges.  Some of these challenges are imposed by other levels of government, some are the result of globalization, some come from demographic shifts or the economy, and some are simply a stubborn or selfish resistance to change even in the face of a new reality.
Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve and play a small part in our story.  And if you’ll have me, I’ve signed up to serve for another two years.

If re-elected, I will continue use my knowledge and skills to be a strong voice and advocate for finding ways to maintain our community's character and for keeping Newtown affordable and sustainable.  It’s a balancing act and is best accomplished from the center.  Thanks for your support. 

            Present Service:
  • Member, Legislative Council (2009 to Present)
  • Chair, 2015 Charter Review Charge Committee
  • Chair, Legislative Council Finance and Administration Committee (2011-Present)
  • Member, Legislative Council Education Committee (2009 – Present)
  • Member, Newtown Republican Town Committee (2008 - Present)
            Past Service:
  • Sandy Hook School Task Force (2013)
  • Candidate, Connecticut General Assembly 106th District (2010)
  • Chair, Legislative Council Ordinance Committee (2009-10)
  • Vice Chair, Newtown Conservation Commission (2008)
  • Secretary, Newtown Conservation Commission (2007)
  • Member, Newtown Inland Wetlands Agency (2006)
  • Inland Wetlands Certificate, University of Connecticut and Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (2006)
  • Soccer Coach and Division Coordinator, Newtown Youth Soccer and elsewhere for 12 years (1994-2006)

Business Experience:
  • Thirty years of experience working with volunteer leaders in the planning and implementation of capital campaigns and program efforts for public and private initiatives in higher education, health care, social services, youth, Olympic sports, etc.
  • President and Founder, Ferguson Development Group, a firm providing organizational development, planning, communications and resource development services to not for profit corporations.
  • Former Executive with Adelphi University, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and United Way of the Tri-State area

  • Fordham University - B.S. in Finance
  • Adelphi University - MBA with concentrations in Finance and Strategic Planning
  • Vanderbilt University - Advanced Management Institute
Other Experience:
  • Certified Fund Raising Executive, continuously certified for 25 years.
  • Former Board Member, American Association of Fund Raising Counsel
  • Former Board Member, Association of Fund Raising Professionals, Long Island
  • Former Board Member, The Giving Institute
  • Former Board Member, American Association of Fund Raising Counsel

  • Convinced Kathleen Anne White to marry me, 31 years ago
  • Raised three wonderful Newtown High School graduates all of whom who turned out to be really nice people and a great source of joy
  • Led the effort to create a Self Funded Health Insurance Ordinance, working collaboratively with the Newtown Board of Education and Town, by creating and open and collaborative process that built trust and mutual success
  • Prompted the initial conversation that led to the Town’s purchase of the development rights to Ferris Farm, enabling the Ferris Family to bring us the Ferris Acres Creamery and all of that wonderful ice cream