Mark Boland
Mark Boland, Sr.
66 Taunton Hill Rd
Newtown, CT 06470

Office: Board of Finance


My wife, Carol and I have enjoyed raising our three sons, Mark, Matt, and Sam in this beautiful town. As young adults, our sons have expressed their appreciation for growing up in our wonderful community, which afforded them so many opportunities to learn and explore their potential.

During my current term on the Board of Finance, I witnessed town officials and fellow citizens advocate for excellent schools, good roads, and recreational activities for both the young and old. We must, however, achieve these objectives in a cost effective fashion. None of us benefit if our town is unaffordable and that is the crux of all decisions made by the Board of Finance. Our town entrusts the board to balance the needs of all community members in a fiscally responsible fashion.

I look forward to working on the Board of Finance to create solutions to fiscal problems in a fashion that is good for all citizens instead of for a specific interest group.


  • Incumbent member of the Board of Finance
  • President of Merit Specialty, a division of Hanover Insurance Company
  • Former president of Hermitage Insurance Company
  • Founder of Coventry Managers, an independent insurance services organization
  • Former President of Hermitage Insurance Company 
  • I approach problems in a deliberate, analytical and thoughtful fashion; listening to all stakeholders before making a decision and taking responsibility for the decision.
  • Extensive experience in managing complex and growing businesses, including budgeting, reporting, establishing controls, monitoring variations of actual results against planned results and reacting to adverse conditions.
  • I continually motivate a diverse group of employees to work towards a common goal.
  • Former member of the Conservation Commission 
  • B.S. in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University