The following letters were published in the Newtown Bee on October 11, 2012.

To the Editor:

On November 6, I'm casting my ballot for Mitch Bolinsky. He is running for the 106th District's state representative position — our Newtown representative in Hartford. Mitch has lived and raised his family in Newtown for the past 12 years and has always been an active volunteer. Locally, the town boards that he has served on are the Board of Ethics, the Economic Development Commission, and, currently, the Legislative Council.

In the time that I have come to know Mitch, I have found him to be a hardworking, principled individual. He has always participated in public service — serving and listening to the challenges of Newtown citizens. Most recently, he supported charter revision changes to give voters a bigger voice in the budget process.

We need an experienced leader in Hartford to be a strong advocate for Newtown. When you mark your ballot, ask yourself this question: Which candidate is best equipped to fight for Newtown citizens? Which candidate has the most experience in our town's government? Which candidate is in tune with the economic obstacles Newtowners face? The answer is Mitch Bolinsky.

Join me in voting for Mitch on November 6.


Bob Mulholland

Vice Chairman

Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission

21 Russett Road, Sandy Hook October 9, 2012

To the Editor:

Mitch Bolinsky is someone that deserves your consideration this November at election time. Mitch is running for the 106th District as your Newtown Republican representative to the state. He is a principled gentleman who has volunteered his time as an elected official as well as many civic organizations.

Realistically conservative in his approach to fiscal issues, Mitch will bring much-needed common sense to Hartford. And he is the only choice for state representative this November that has experience in Newtown's government. As your current elected legislative council member, he knows first hand the challenges facing Newtown and has helped shepherd the town through the recent difficult economic times.

I hope you give Mitch Bolinsky your consideration and join me in voting for him in November.

Carey Schierloh

6 Shady Rest Boulevard, Sandy Hook October 9, 2012

To the Editor:

Please join me in voting for Mitch Bolinsky as our representative in Hartford on November 6. Mitch's 12-year record of service to Newtown gives him the experience and perspective we need in a leader. This service is varied as a cub scout leader, justice of the peace, Board of Ethics, and a current member of Newtown's Legislative Council.

Mitch believes in listening to the voters and the wide variety of experiences he has had volunteering in Newtown have shaped his positions on many important issues. Mitch wants to preserve, protect, and develop our village neighborhoods. His vision respects the character and uniqueness of these neighborhoods. Mitch believes in sound fiscal policies and has voted to keep Newtown healthy as a member of the council.

Vote for Mitch Bolinsky for our state representative from the 106th. Caring, common sense leadership.

Thank you,

Philip Carroll

1 Fieldstone Drive, Newtown October 8, 2012