The following letters were published in the Newtown Bee on October 17, 2012. 

To the Editor:

I would like to present Mitch Bolinsky as Newtown's best choice on November 6 to represent us in the Connecticut House of Representatives this year. I have known Mitch for a number of years and work with him and I am pleased endorse him for the position state representative for Newtown. Here is why.

Mitch has a passion for Newtown that has kept him involved in town activities at many levels. Breadth of experience can be seen in his service to our community from Cub Scout leader to a member of the Board of Ethics; Economic Development Commission; justice of the peace to Republican Town Committee vice chairman and now, serving on the Legislative Council.

Mitch knows firsthand the struggles of tough economic times; what it takes to raise a family and the hardships of caring for aging parents. He also knows it's all more manageable with the help of family, friends, and good neighbors. Having worked the past 12 years as a volunteer for our town, Mitch understands what is meant when we say "Nicer in Newtown" and uses that as a mantra to make things a little better than before.

Mitch will advocate for our community and collaborate with legislators, regardless of party, to bring home as many of our "fair share dollars" as possible. Working tirelessly for Newtown in the General Assembly to represent our community as whole and striving to make Connecticut government more efficient is a better answer than big government. Among his goals is to make Connecticut more business-friendly, to improve the job market, and to reverse the unchecked spending, borrowing, regulation and taxing that burdens the citizens of Connecticut.

Robert J. Edwards

79 Mile Hill South Road, Newtown October 15, 2012

To the Editor:

Mitch Bolinsky is the candidate with the experience and objectivity who will best represent Newtown in Hartford. Our current legislature continues in the same over spending direction.

Party affiliations aside, we all need representatives like Mitch Bolinsky who will face the fiscal irresponsibility we all suffer. Mitch has played an active role in Newtown to balance interests. We can trust Mitch will continue to be steered by his constituents and not the emotions of special interests. An individual with roots in our community, Mitch Bolinsky is the representation we need.

Joe Girgasky

7 Lake Road, Newtown October 17, 2012

To the Editor:

What more can be said about Mitch Bolinsky? We all know of his involvement and dedication to Boy Scouts, Board of Ethics, Economic Development Commission, the Legislative Council, and his overall commitment to public service. So, let us look at Mitch on a more personal level.

Mitch is a free-thinking person and will not be led around the chambers in Hartford by his party leaders being instructed on how to vote. Our "retiring" representative voted to close to 100 percent with his party handlers. Mitch will not necessarily speak or vote in accordance with party lines, not Democrat, not Republican. His interest will be purely Newtown-inspired. As a very involved Newtowner, he will keep Newtown on the front line in Hartford.

Teamed with likeminded reps like DebraLee Hovey and Dan Carter, we would be sending a coalition to Hartford, if you will. All three Newtown-minded. Help cut out the opposition to moving forward this election cycle; vote for Mitch Bolinsky.

Tom Catalina

Butterfield Road, Newtown October 16, 2012

To the Editor:

Over the years, one of the strongest, most positive inspirations in my life has been my father.

Mitch Bolinsky is a strong leader with excellent organization and interpersonal skills. When he commits to something, he selflessly devotes 100 percent of his time, energy, and attention to completing it above and beyond the call of duty. But Mitch Bolinsky is so much more than just his service to Newtown. Beyond being the Cubmaster, beyond his boards and commissions, more than being in a leadership role with the Newtown Republicans and a Legislative Councilperson, he is a loving father and husband. Every time I have needed advice or help, my father has always been there to guide me with a warm smile, understanding, wisdom, and a sense of humor. No one makes me laugh quite like dad!

Since 2000, our family has been part of the Newtown community and, from day one, he's been busy helping others and trying to do good for Newtown. As a state representative, Newtown could not ask for a more humble candidate than my dad, Mitch Bolinsky. Please vote for him on Tuesday, November 6.


Rachel Bolinsky

3 Wiley Lane, Newtown October 14, 2012

To the Editor:

Please join me in voting for Mitch Bolinsky on Election Day to represent the 106th District as our state representative in Hartford.

I've known Mitch for five years and have always been impressed with his commitment to service on behalf of our community. Whether as a member of the Board of Ethics, the Economic Development Commission, or, currently as a member of the Legislative Council, he always gives 110 percent to improve the lives of Newtown citizens.

This public service, in addition to 25 years of experience in private industry, makes Mitch the best choice to represent us in Hartford.

John Godin

4 Quarry Ridge Road, Sandy Hook October 15, 2012

To the Editor:

I am pleased to declare my support for Republican Mitch Bolinsky in his quest for election to the Connecticut House of Representatives for the 106th District.

I know Mitch through governmental and political activities where he is always thoughtful, never ruffled, and makes good decisions. If he is elected to the House, I know he will listen to constituents and promote legislation which will be beneficial to Newtown.

Unfortunately I have never met his opponent, so I cannot compare the candidates and their strengths and weaknesses. All I know is that Mitch will be good for Newtown, and I urge everyone to vote for him.


Robert H. Hall

5 Nettleton Avenue, Newtown October 15, 2012

To the Editor:

Election time is rapidly approaching — the wonderful "pick and choose" season is upon us when once more we have the privilege of exercising our magnificent constitutional right to vote for the candidate of our choice. And we all choose for a variety of reasons — neighbors, political parties, philosophy, or the simple hope of a change for the better.

I will vote because I sincerely believe in my constitutional right to do so and I will vote for the person who has worked for and served my town — the person who has served on the Legislative Council (sometimes long nights), who has served on the Economic Development Commission, the Board of Ethics, served as justice of peace, Head O' Meadow Cubmaster and Pack chairperson, leading young people.

I will vote for Mitch Bolinsky because he's been working to make Newtown a better place for all of us. Please join me.

Mae S. Schmidle

53 Echo Valley, Newtown October 17, 2012

To the Editor:

It's time to vote for a representative in Hartford that will support our needs. Mitch Bolinsky supports less government regulations, promoting job growth, and good fiscal health. These core beliefs are what we need in our voice for Newtown. Mitch has demonstrated through his extensive experience as a volunteer in our local government that he cares for Newtown. He has supported Newtown as a representative on the Board of Ethics, Economic Development Commission, and as a current member of the Legislative Council, he knowsNewtown!

Mitch Bolinsky has spent the last few months walking and talking to everyday people in Newtown. He listens and understands what their concerns are. Don't let another term go by with a representative in Hartford who doesn't understand what it means to struggle to pay the bills. Vote for Mitch Bolinsky.

Ed Schierloh

6 Shady Rest Boulevard, Sandy Hook October 16, 2012

To the Editor:

Mitch Bolinsky is running for state representative for the 106th District, which is most of Newtown. Mitch is currently a member of the Legislative Council and has voted for the policies that have kept Newtown in excellent financial health.

Mitch would like to bring that same experience to Hartford. It is sad to see what is happening at the state level. Connecticut is lagging behind the rest of the country in recovering from these difficult economic times. The Malloy administration and the Democrats had the audacity to talk about opening a line of credit to meet operational expenses — this after boasting about a balanced budget! The result: a downgrade of Connecticut by the credit agencies. Should we continue down this path and send another Democrat to Hartford to continue to tow the party line? I think not.

It's time for new leadership and a new direction. Send an experienced, fiscal conservative to Hartford. Vote for Mitch Bolinsky on November 6 for state representative in the 106th District.

Richard M. Giannettino

18 Chestnut Hill Road, Sandy Hook October 16, 2012

To the Editor:

While I have no doubt that Lisa Romano is a fine neighbor and mother, I cannot support her as state representative for District 106. Here's why.

Lisa stands for big government and more taxation. For example, according to a News Times article, Lisa disagrees that overtaxation has led to the "mass exodus" of business from Connecticut. Yet, Connecticut residents have the highest tax burden in the nation. Be prepared for even higher taxes should Lisa be elected.

According to the article, Lisa doesn't see the state's fiscal condition as "grim" as her opponent, Mitch Bolinsky, sees it — nothing a little streamlining won't fix.

Besides having the highest tax burden in the nation (per the Tax Foundation), Connecticut has the distinction of having the third largest debt per capita of all states in the nation, amounting to $27,540 per person (per State Budget Solutions). And the Institute for Truth in Accounting named Connecticut as the state in the worst financial position in the country, labeling Connecticut a "sinkhole state," based on debt per taxpayer that includes our $800+ billion in unfunded liabilities. These indicators appear grim to me.

Lisa touts the endorsement of our current Representative Chris Lyddy. Yet, according to Americans for Prosperity, Chris Lyddy voted against economic prosperity on each of five key votes affecting Connecticut's economic outlook. (Votes regarding corporate welfare, forced unionization, increased taxes, electricity regulations, and health care regulations.) I don't take Chris's endorsement as a positive factor.

Connecticut is regulating, taxing, and spending itself into oblivion, and I see Lisa, a self-described "Progressive," as supporting more of the same.

I support Mitch Bolinsky, who understands that increased government regulation and taxation hurts businesses and thus job creation. I believe Mitch understands Connecticut's dire conditions and will support legislation to improve Connecticut's economy.

Cathy Reiss

Obtuse Road, Newtown October 17, 2012