The following letters were published in the Newtown Bee October 4, 2012.

To the Editor:

I write to enthusiastically support Mitch Bolinsky's campaign for state representative in the 106th District. I believe Mitch Bolinsky is the right choice for Newtown

As many of you know, Mitch has taken a very active role in Newtown. Mitch is in tune with our community and its needs. Mitch has learned about our community through his time on the Legislative Council, as a Cub Scout master, as a justice of the peace, and a driving school instructor teaching teens to drive at Newtown High School.

For me, these experiences will provide Mitch with the knowledge, ambition, and drive needed to succeed in Hartford. I want a state representative who will take action and get involved. Mitch has lived in Newtown for many years and he has become a dedicated civil servant to our town. It's time to send someone to Hartford who can be Newtown's voice and get involved. I enthusiastically urge you to support Mitch on November 6.


Ali Legros

6 Bristle Lane, Bristle Lane, Sandy Hook October 3, 2012

To the Editor:

As the former first selectman of Newtown (November 2007–November 2009), I very enthusiastically endorse my good friend and colleague Mitch Bolinsky in his campaign to be our Republication state representative for Newtown's 106th District.

I first met Mitch five years ago when he volunteered to be the chairman of the Republican Town Committee's 2007 local election campaign. Utilizing his 25 years of marketing experience, Mitch organized and ran an excellent promotional advertising campaign for myself and Paul Mangiafico, as well as the rest of the Republican candidates. Mitch ran a very quiet, smooth and efficient campaign, so I knew everything was taken care of. This relieved Paul and I of a lot of pressure.

I firmly believe that Mitch's personal attributes and accomplishments, as noted in their endorsements, especially his marketing skills as a negotiator, will make him an excellent candidate to represent Newtown in Hartford.

As we all know, the 2012 election will be extremely important to our state and country, so regardless of your party affiliation, do your duty as a citizen and vote.

Please join me in voting for Mitch Bolinsky on November 6.


Joseph Borst

10 Beechwood Drive, Sandy Hook October 2, 2012