Cathy Reiss

Cathy Reiss

Legislative Council District 1

My name is Cathy Reiss, and I’m a candidate for Newtown’s Legislative Council, District 1. My husband and I began our married life in Newtown 30 years ago, and we instantly fell in love with the town, not only for its natural and historic beauty, but especially for the people. Newtown is full of giving, caring people, who would do anything to help a neighbor in need.

After attaining a BS in Mathematics with a Computer Science concentration, I was employed by IBM in Information Technology for 17 years before retiring to raise my family. Now both in college themselves, our children grew up here and attended Newtown’s public schools. I happily volunteered in all of their schools, including eight consecutive years as a proud NHS Marching Band parent volunteer.

My current Newtown volunteering experience includes being the treasurer for our church, coordinating our church’s comfort dog ministry with comfort dog Maggie, and being one of Maggie’s dozen trained handlers. Our ministry provides comfort and smiles at four Newtown schools, the FAITH Food Pantry and Families United in Newtown (F.U.N.), as well as many other organizations near and far.

I’d be honored to serve my community as a member of the Legislative Council. Here would be some of my guiding principles:

- We can’t forget who we’re serving—Newtown’s residents—thus we must avoid placing undue

burdens on our neighbors. That includes undue tax burdens, as well as undue ordinance burdens.

- Our government needs to be fiscally responsible. We need to provide good value for our tax dollars, while maintaining a quality education system and other necessary town services.

- We need to encourage appropriate economic development to lessen the tax burden on homeowners, while at the same time maintaining Newtown’s character. In order to do that, we need to be a town that’s friendly and attractive to businesses—that doesn’t require undue red tape in order to open or run a business.

- I will seek objective truth in all discussions, and make evaluations based on logic and reason.

From my corporate and volunteering experiences, I believe I’m well suited to be your representative on the Legislative Council, and I hope you’ll support me with your vote.