Jeffrey Capeci - Chair

Jeffrey Capeci

Council Chairman

Professional Experience:

I grew up in nearby Ridgefield and moved to Newtown after marrying Tanya who grew up here. Tanya and Newtown are the two best choices I've made in my entire life. I work as a business analyst for ASML in Wilton. Throughout my career, I have had a successful track record of software system design and implementation. In my current role, I employ business intelligence and analytics to deliver insights into the proper management of manufacturing operations.

I've been volunteering for Newtown almost as long as I've been a resident. Not only in town government but in scouting and athletics when my children were growing up. I volunteer because I can make a difference, I meet wonderful people and because it has been a way to set a good example for my children.


Newtown Board of Selectmen 2017-Present

Newtown Republican Town Committee 2003-Present

Past Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary

Newtown Charter Revision Commission 2014-2015

Elected Chairman. The Commission proposed sweeping changes to the Newtown charter incorporating best financial practices. Eliminated the Town Meeting, moved capital expenditures to Annual Budget Referendum. Reorganized the document to make it more readable as well as considered change requests from all town departments and agencies. Managed a commission of nine members who often did not see eye to eye. Had to find consensus on issues where various members were passionate about their opposing views. Charter changes were overwhelmingly adopted on the 2016 presidential election ballot.

Ad Hoc Committee on Regionalization of Emergency Dispatching 2014

The Committee was formed by the First Selectman to explore the pros and cons of the regionalization of emergency dispatch services. Met with local experts including the Director of Emergency Communications, Police Chief, Police and Fire Commissions, Newtown Ambulance and the dispatchers. We also visited other municipalities who had regionalized to learn from their experiences. We reviewed white papers on the subject and looked at state incentives for regionalization. The committee completed its work with the release of a white paper and a presentation to the Board of Selectman on August 15, 2014.

Newtown Legislative Council 2005-2013

My first elective position in town where I learned a lot about Town government, municipal budgeting and how the various boards and commissions interoperate. I learned how to critically examine budget documents and ask questions of the agencies to identify unnecessary or non-value added expenditures. In 2009 I was elected chairman of the Council. Under my leadership, the LC formed the Charter Revision Commission that bifurcated the budget and added advisory questions to the ballot. Ever since budgets have largely passed on the first vote.


Newtown Resident 25 Years, Married to Tanya 26 years. Son Bradley graduated Newtown High in 2017; daughter Greta graduated in 2018 both continued their education in college.

I love being active; running, cycling and hiking are my outdoor passions. Baking the perfect loaf of sourdough bread is my kitchen passion.