Phil Carroll

Phil Carroll

Legislative Council District 3


I grew up in Newtown and attended Newtown schools. Although I left Newtown to live in Maine in the mid 1970s, I returned HOME to Newtown. Then I lived in Missouri in early 1982, to once again return HOME to Newtown in 1988. As my children grew, they attended Newtown schools and started with youth sport teams which I would attend and help the coaches with the children. I think Newtown schools and sports are an important part of children’s growing and learning environment. I am fiscally conservative and I feel Newtown is on the right track with the plan that our Newtown republican leadership implemented such as sharing services with the BOE, and being transparent and accessable to Newtown taxpayers. I believe That Newtown’s leadership needs to be responsible and insist on honest and fair leadership from town and school officials.


  • Member of Legislative Council since 2011

  • Member of the Newtown Republican Town Committee

  • Member of the former Newtown BOE Transportation Committee

  • Newtown School Bus Owner/Operator

  • Former Member, NHS Blue & Gold Booster Club

  • Member Owner/Operator Contract Committee

  • Concerned Newtown Resident and Taxpayer


  • Former Owner/Operator of one of Newtown's school buses which provides transportation for children in grades K-12. Was responsible for maintenance and repair of bus, as well as, quarterly inspection reports for the department of motor vehicles.

  • Instrumental in Newtown's Board of Education Transportation Department in securing a $280,000 EPA grant to have efficient exhaust systems, approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), installed on older school buses.

  • Volunteered to be a part of the Board of Education Transportation Committee to help re-work school bus routes for better efficiency and to reduce overcrowding on several buses.

  • Certified by the State of Connecticut as a school bus driving instructor and safety coordinator.

  • Phils experience, leadership and willingness to get the job done along with common RTC goals will be assets to Newtown's Legislative Council