Neil Chaudhary

Dr. Neil Chaudhary

Police Commission

Neil Chaudhary and his wife Jennifer and lived in Newtown for over 16 years where they are raising their son (age 13) and daughter (age 11). Neil holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology and uses his education to combat death and injury on America’s roads. This expertise also lends itself ideally to the position he is seeking on—police commission—Newtown’s traffic authority. In addition to being among the nation’s top behavioral traffic safety researchers and traffic safety law enforcement experts, Dr. Chaudhary has served on the Legislative Council for 5 years. He spent 2 years as Vice-chairman of the council and has served on the ordinance committee, as chairman of the education committee, on the finance committee, and as the council’s liaison to the Public Safety Committee overseeing the town interests related to Garner Prison. Neil continues his membership on the public safety committee alongside the Newtown Chief of Police, the First Selectman and others.

Neil also volunteers on Newtown’s Community Emergency Response Team and has served on the Town’s Tickborne Disease Action Committee. He is also a member of the Connecticut’s DUI task force, Connecticut’s Novice Teen Driver Safety Committee and other State and National committees where he serves with law enforcement and other top members of the field. Dr. Chaudhary has been invited speak to law enforcement in Connecticut, nationally and internationally to provide feed back on effective strategies to safeguard motorists on our roadways.

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"Neil Chaudhary would be an incredible asset to our Police Commission. His skill set along with his knowledge of statewide initiatives and grant opportunities will be an asset to Newtown PD’s command staff. I encourage you to join me in voting Neil Chaudhary onto our Newtown Police Commission. " -Andrew Gallagher

"As an Emergency Physician at Danbury Hospital, I see every day first-hand the devastating injuries and deaths that occur on our roadways. Having a commissioner with his expertise and love of Newtown would be a positive for our community. " -Dr Doug Smith

"Neil and I worked together to put together a distracted driving informational forum in Newtown geared towards actionable methods to protect our residents. I have reached out to Neil on several occasions to get insight on topics related to school bus safety and pedestrian safety. I met with him in the state capital to see the results of his (and others’) efforts at reducing deaths among our teen drivers and was amazed at the results. I respect, trust, and utilize Neil’s expertise when it comes to public and traffic safety issues in the Connecticut General Assembly. " -State Senator Tony Hwang