Legislative Council

District 1

Angela Curi

My name is Angela Curi and I am running for legislative council in District 1. I have been a Newtown resident for the past 11 years and am delighted to call this town my home. Originally from Massachusetts, I spent some time in New York before my husband and I settled here in 2009.

I have two young children in the Newtown School System where I have spent much time volunteering. I am thrilled with the quality of education they have received thus far. I also served as assistant coach for the Newtown Youth Cheer team for three years. Professionally, I have been in sales for most of my career. My most memorable sales job was with Altec Industries selling hydraulic bucket trucks and digger derricks to municipal line crews.

I am running for Legislative Council because I feel I have what it takes to serve the needs of this community, I want to see Newtown thrive and prosper by embracing positive changes while maintaining the values the town was built on.

I believe in less spending and a balanced budget. I believe that each community member should have their voices heard. I do not believe that the local or federal government should supersede a person’s right to make decisions that they feel are best for themselves and their families. I will advocate for those that feel they are not being heard and for those that desire more accountability from local leaders.

I welcome the many newcomers and look forward to collaborating with residents new and old to make the town the best that it has ever been, both for ourselves and for generations to come.

I am honored to be nominated for Legislative Council. I am asking for your vote in November because I am confident I will be a strong and objective servant of the community. I have a strong moral compass and will do what is in the best interest of all residents living in this great town.

Lisa Kessler

I hope to be elected to the Legislative Council for District 1 because “I strive for a common sense, level headed approach to dealing with issues.” I have over 20 years experience working at a local trucking company which has strengthened my loyalty and reinforced my abilities to handle multifaceted issues, at times without warning.

I am a Connecticut native, born and raised in Wilton and attended Wilton schools. I am now a proud Newtown resident for 15 years and have two teenagers, who both attend Newtown High School.

I served as a volunteer in many positions on a weekly basis at my children’s prior school, tasks that included but not limited to, were a variety of office related duties, auction prep & fund raising. As Scholastic Book Fair Chair, I had responsibilities that developed exposure to logistics, inventory and overseeing operations.

We have the pleasure of raising an older dog named Max and a quirky cat named Chloe, who both were adopted from shelters. I enjoy a variety of hobbies including: exercising, refinishing furniture, and DIY projects.

Thank you for your consideration and I would be honored to have your vote.

William DeRosa

My name is Willian DeRosa and I am seeking election this November to Legislative Council in District 1. I am a Julliard trained classical musician and recording and performing soloist who left NY City with my wife and son in 2011 to settle in Newtown on Taunton Hill. We carefully chose Newtown and have been rewarded with its charm, authenticity, people and sophistication.

My positive feelings for the town have been a major factor in my community service and involvement in both town and state level organizations and issues. I am committed to maintaining Newtown and Connecticut an attractive and affordable place to live. For example, I worked closely and intensely with a non-partisan group to push back the toll tax in our state, which would have had a significant financial impact on Newtown and its residents. Our children’s future is foremost in my mind and I have worked with concerned parents of all political affiliations as well as our Superintendent to get our kids back in school. Ensuring that Newtown residents have appropriate control over town decisions is critical and I worked with both political parties to draft a resolution opposing the over-reaching zoning legislation that would have taken that control away. As a result, positive developments like the revitalization of the Newtown Inn became a reality. I am well connected in local government and will use those connections to serve us all.

My values are conservative and I serve as Vice-Chair of the Newtown Republican Town Committee, but as the foregoing shows, I work successfully with and for all groups to mutual benefit. I would continue this work as a member of the Legislative Council and would ensure that special interest groups in town do not unduly influence what is best for Newtown. I understand the connection between Newtown and State matters and will be vigilant in looking out for Newtown’s interests. While things are generally good in Newtown, there’s room for us to get our schools back to their outstanding reputation and more fiscal discipline in our decision making. Let's get there together.

I love this gem of a place with a flagpole in the middle of it and will continue to devote my energies to making it all that it can be. With your vote, I aim to leverage those efforts through serving on the Legislative Council.

District 2

Ryan Knapp


I care deeply about our community. Eight years on the Legislative Council has taught me a lot about municipal governance and given me tremendous insights into the challenges that will be facing our town. I am proud of the work and and accomplishments over the past three+ terms, but know Newtown will need strong leadership to weather the repercussions of the state fiscal crisis in Hartford. I have been on the front lines, both here and in Hartford fighting to protect our education resources, while advocating for responsibility and long term thinking here in town. We need leaders who will face our challenges head on rather than avoid or ignore them. Most importantly, we cannot let Newtown repeat the mistakes of the State. Through serving Newtown on the Council, I hope to continue to build on the good work of those who came before me.


  • Three Term Member, Legislative Council

  • Ordinance Committee Chair - specifically worked on Senior Tax Relief, Farm Property Tax Abatement, Pension and OPEB, Sustainable Energy and Alarm System Ordinances.

  • Advocated for Newtown at the State Level related to the municipal impact of state prevailing wage laws at labor committee hearings and in front of the Education Committee to protect Newtown's Education Cost Sharing revenue

  • Attended multiple Connecticut Conference of Municipalities training sessions

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer, The Macton Corporation in Oxford, CT.

  • BS, Cum Laude, Mechanical Engineering – Syracuse University

  • Sandy Hook homeowner with strong family ties to the community dating back over 100 years

  • Extensive experience reviewing contracts and specifications

  • Project Management experience with multimillion dollar jobs for a variety of state and federal government agencies

  • Trained in and currently utilizing the philosophies of the Toyota Production System, specifically Kaizen which translates to “continuous improvement.” Essentially, a habitual way of looking at things and asking “is there a better way to do this?”


  • Six consecutive budgets passed at the first referendum.

  • Two patents issued, three additional filings, plus continuances relating to manufacturing methods which both reduce in labor costs and prevent mistakes.

  • Division 1 Rowing at SU with the crew ranked in the top 15 during my 4 years culminating in my best finish of 3rd in the straight 4 at the national championships.

Matthew Mihalcik

I believe that Newtown is the community we love because for generations we have built on the efforts of those who came before us, picking up where they left off and moving forward through challenges and triumphs. It is our duty to manage our home town responsibly and to support its long-term sustainability and growth. Yet too many of our friends and neighbors are struggling financially. From seniors to young families like my wife and I, each increase adds to the cumulative burden. We receive services in exchange for the amount of money spent in taxes, such as quality schools, public safety, and road improvements, so there is a balance, as the benefits must always be weighed against the costs. With the right guidance, we can continue to provide essential local resources while focusing our spending and maintaining accountability for money allocated. This directly impacts each of us and is why I am running for Legislative Council.

I was elected in 2019 to the Board of Finance and served on that board until I was appointed to fill a District 2 vacancy on the Legislative Council in August.

Previously as a member of the Newtown Economic Development Commission, I collaborated on the work our EDC does to improve our community and expand our tax base. As a trustee for the Library Board, I worked to protect and sustain that historic Newtown instruction through challenging times as the role of public libraries is evolving. Together with my wife, we own a small business here in Sandy Hook.

My wife, Melissa grew up in Newtown, and when we bought our house, we committed to this community as our home. My goal is to add a new generation of responsible oversight to Newtown.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.

Charles Gardner

The Legislative Council is entrusted with finding the right balance between competing concerns and delivering the greatest possible value for residents, whether it involves funding our schools or maintaining our roads. My aspiration, as both a candidate and as a parent of children in Newtown's public schools, is to ensure that Newtown not only sustains the quality of life that we all enjoy, but also builds on its strengths over the long term.

I am a Connecticut-based attorney with a practice primarily devoted to litigation. My experience as a lawyer gives me a deep familiarity with state and local statutes and regulations that will serve me well in a legislative position.

Over the past several years, I have served on both the Board of Assessment Appeals and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

My wife Kathy and I moved to Newtown five years ago, and we now live in Sandy Hook with our four sons. The older two boys attend Sandy Hook Elementary School, while the two younger attend the wonderful Merryhill Child Care Center on Queen Street. We're proud to call Newtown home and love raising our children in this community.

District 3

Philip Carroll

I grew up in Newtown and attended Newtown schools. Although I left Newtown to live in Maine in the mid 1970s, I returned HOME to Newtown. Then I lived in Missouri in early 1982, to once again return HOME to Newtown in 1988. As my children grew, they attended Newtown schools and started with youth sport teams which I would attend and help the coaches with the children. I think Newtown schools and sports are an important part of children’s growing and learning environment.


I am fiscally conservative and I feel Newtown is on the right track with the plan that our Newtown republican leadership implemented such as sharing services with the BOE, and being transparent and accessible to Newtown taxpayers. I believe That Newtown’s leadership needs to be responsible and insist on honest and fair leadership from town and school officials.


  • Member of Legislative Council since 2011

  • Member of the Newtown Republican Town Committee

  • Member of the former Newtown BOE Transportation Committee

  • Newtown School Bus Owner/Operator

  • Former Member, NHS Blue & Gold Booster Club

  • Member Owner/Operator Contract Committee

  • Concerned Newtown Resident and Taxpayer


  • Former Owner/Operator of one of Newtown's school buses which provides transportation for children in grades K-12. Was responsible for maintenance and repair of the bus, as well as, quarterly inspection reports for the department of motor vehicles.

  • Instrumental in Newtown's Board of Education Transportation Department in securing a $280,000 EPA grant to have efficient exhaust systems, approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), installed on older school buses.

  • Volunteered to be a part of the Board of Education Transportation Committee to help re-work school bus routes for better efficiency and to reduce overcrowding on several buses.

  • Certified by the State of Connecticut as a school bus driving instructor and safety coordinator.

  • Phils experience, leadership and willingness to get the job done along with common RTC goals will be assets to Newtown's Legislative Council

Jeffrey Capeci

Professional Experience:

I grew up in nearby Ridgefield and moved to Newtown after marrying Tanya who grew up here. Tanya and Newtown are the two best choices I've made in my entire life. I work as a business analyst for ASML in Wilton. Throughout my career, I have had a successful track record of software system design and implementation. In my current role, I employ business intelligence and analytics to deliver insights into the proper management of manufacturing operations.

I've been volunteering for Newtown almost as long as I've been a resident. Not only in town government but in scouting and athletics when my children were growing up. I volunteer because I can make a difference, I meet wonderful people and because it has been a way to set a good example for my children.


Newtown Board of Selectmen 2017-Present

Newtown Republican Town Committee 2003-Present

Past Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary

Newtown Charter Revision Commission 2014-2015

Elected Chairman. The Commission proposed sweeping changes to the Newtown charter incorporating best financial practices. Eliminated the Town Meeting, moved capital expenditures to Annual Budget Referendum. Reorganized the document to make it more readable as well as considered change requests from all town departments and agencies. Managed a commission of nine members who often did not see eye to eye. Had to find consensus on issues where various members were passionate about their opposing views. Charter changes were overwhelmingly adopted on the 2016 presidential election ballot.

Ad Hoc Committee on Regionalization of Emergency Dispatching 2014

The Committee was formed by the First Selectman to explore the pros and cons of the regionalization of emergency dispatch services. Met with local experts including the Director of Emergency Communications, Police Chief, Police and Fire Commissions, Newtown Ambulance and the dispatchers. We also visited other municipalities who had regionalized to learn from their experiences. We reviewed white papers on the subject and looked at state incentives for regionalization. The committee completed its work with the release of a white paper and a presentation to the Board of Selectman on August 15, 2014.

Newtown Legislative Council 2005-2013

My first elective position in town where I learned a lot about Town government, municipal budgeting and how the various boards and commissions interoperate. I learned how to critically examine budget documents and ask questions of the agencies to identify unnecessary or non-value added expenditures. In 2009 I was elected chairman of the Council. Under my leadership, the LC formed the Charter Revision Commission that bifurcated the budget and added advisory questions to the ballot. Ever since budgets have largely passed on the first vote.


Newtown Resident 25 Years, Married to Tanya 26 years. Son Bradley graduated Newtown High in 2017; daughter Greta graduated in 2018 both continued their education in college.

I love being active; running, cycling and hiking are my outdoor passions. Baking the perfect loaf of sourdough bread is my kitchen passion.

Tom Long

Tom Long has been a resident of Newtown for 16 years since he moved to town in 2005. Tom is happily married to Tina and is a dedicated and caring dog dad to his two Tollers, Darby (14) and Annie (1). He considers himself fortunate for having dogs in his family for over 20 years which have cultivated a better understanding for the need to maintain open space and nurture support for animals in need.

Tom has been active in the Newtown community from the moment he arrived. He has served on the Economic Development Commission, the Parks and Recreation Trails Committee, Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers and currently is a trustee of the C.H. Booth Library. In the community, Tom has been a volunteer for the Red Cross and the Newtown Forest Association, founded Newtown Toastmasters, played for the Newtown Sandy Hook Vintage Baseball Club, participated on a Charter Revision Commission and is currently the Race Director for the Newtown Turkey Trot 5K road race.

Tom is a frequent visitor to the Fairfield Hills campus and enjoys all the recreation opportunities Newtown has to offer from Eichler’s Cover to Holcombe Hill. His priorities for the town include continuing to decrease dependency on borrowing, public safety, expansion of open space and advancing road maintenance.

Tom graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s in political science and then received his MBA from Sacred Heart University. He is currently employed as a S.V.P. with The WorkPlace where he oversees operations of a program that helps low income, mature workers return to employment in 4 states. Prior, he was the product lead for a direct marketing agency and handled constituent services for Congressman Christopher Shays.

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