Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals is a Commission that has the power to grant variances of the Zoning Regulations when hardship is demonstrated due to topography, irregular shape of lots and any other physical condition where the application of zoning regulations would create exceptional hardship and deprive the owner of the property reasonable use of the land or building involved.

The Zoning Board of Appeals also has the power to correct a decision of a Zoning Enforcement Officer when the board feels the Zoning Officer has made an error.

Tiffany Hawley

Zoning Board of Appeals

The ‘DO’ matters, not just talking about wanting to be an active member of the community, but DOING it.

I want to be an example to my daughter, demonstrate the merit of being involved in our community. To make a difference in the community.

Planning and Zoning should help retain the small town feel while encouraging responsible development of the land and careful consideration to the community and environment. 

Fairly enforcing the rules and regulations that help keep balance on a local level. When there’s more awareness, there’s more accountability. 

Rachel Rowan

Zoning Board of Appeals

I will work to be responsive to the needs of Newtown’s residents and businesses preserving the character of our town. As a lifelong resident of Sandy Hook, I believe my critical thinking, analytic and problem-solving skills can contribute to our town’s development. Working together to take collective action and generate solutions to problems improves the lives of our residents and ensures we are attracting and keeping talent. I will be a new dynamic voice for Newtown planning for the town’s future in a strategic way, encouraging desirable economic growth and initiating better engagement in town matters. 

James O'Connor

As an enthusiastic and involved member of our community, I am fully dedicated to making meaningful contributions as a member of the Board of Assessment Appeals in Newtown.


I firmly believe that the Board of Assessment Appeals plays a vital role in upholding the integrity of property taxation and safeguarding taxpayers' rights. If granted the privilege to serve on the board, I will bring a wealth of experience, skills, and a profound understanding of our local community's unique needs.


Beyond my commitment to this board, I have a deep passion for community service. Notably, I have actively participated in an International Rotary Service Project in Guatemala and served as the chairperson for the Holiday Illumination in my previous town. Additionally, I volunteered as a Precinct Leader for town, state, and national voting initiatives and actively contributed to our local food pantry.


My personal life centers around my family, as my wife and I live in Sandy Hook, near our son, daughter-in-law, and three beloved grandchildren. In our community, I am an active member of both the Rotary Club of Newtown and St. Rose of Lima Church.


My professional background includes a successful career in Sales and Marketing at General Electric before my retirement. I hold an MBA in Marketing and Finance, and I proudly served as a 1st Lt. in the NY Army National Guard.


On election day, I would be truly honored to receive your vote, and I assure you that I will diligently serve our community and the Board of Assessment Appeals to the best of my abilities. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow residents.

Peter Wlasuk

I have lived in Newtown for over 50 years and my wife Antoinette, our two sons, Pete and John and I all went through the Newtown school system.  I attended Henry Abbott Tech for plumbing and heating and started my own business, Pete’s Plumbing in 1997. 


I believe I can be an asset to the Zoning Board of Appeals because I am a problem solver and critical thinker who can act thoughtfully and decisively when finding solutions to problems.  As our town population continues to grow and develop, zoning regulations will be of significant importance.  I am committed to using my critical thinking skills to help my fellow citizens and our town find solutions when zoning regulations are in question.