Board of Assessment Appeals

Seth Cohen

Board of Assessment Appeals (Two Years to fill a Vacancy)

My name is Seth G.Cohen and I am running for the Board of Assessment Appeals. I am a resident of Newtown and I love my town. I have been married for over 20 years to my wife, Geraldine, we have two children who are in school and two dogs who are not. I have been a tax attorney for over 20 years and have counseled clients on matters like the ones that I will encounter on the Board. Tax assessments must be fair...period. They must be fair to the home and personal property owners and to the Town. The balancing between the two competing interests is incredibly important. People must be afforded the right to be heard and have their arguments impartially and logically reviewed. I will help the Board conduct that review. Thank you for your consideration.

James McFarland

Board of Assessment Appeals


  • Serve the citizens of Newtown
  • Listen objectively to all who come before the board
  • Seek to understand all sides of every appeal
  • Incorporate input and perspective from fellow board members
  • Deliver fair decisions based on the ordinances and guidelines


  • Newtown resident for over 14 years
  • Local business owner since 2003
  • Member, Housatonic Valley Waldorf School Board of Trustees, Newtown CT
  • Basic understanding of accounting and tax concepts
  • 25 years experience in software development
  • Solid listening and analytic skills
  • Comfortable making decisions based in principle
  • Married to Peggy, with 1 child at home, and one grown child in Trumbull