Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers

While the Edmond Town Hall is vested with the town of Newtown, the building is managed by the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers, a body of six elected officials who are responsible for the care and maintenance of this iconic building.

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Margo Hall

I have been a member of the Board of Managers of Edmond Town Hall since December 2010.  

While I have been a member of the ETH Board I have learned a great deal about the structural and management needs of Newtown’s historic Edmond Town Hall at 45 Main Street.  Since its dedication 84 plus years ago, the generosity of Mary Hawley, the vigilance of Board leaders and members and the support of the leadership and citizens of Newtown have kept this magnificent building alive.

It is my hope that I can continue to help create continued financial viability and structural integrity of Edmond Town Hall.  To achieve that I feel that the Board needs to provide a building which has the latest technological updates to maintain and attract tenants/performers for the available space.  It is my plan to work with my fellow Board members to achieve that goal.


Armel Kouassi

I am on a mission to help make Edmond Town Hall a center of excellence for arts, theaters, etc. which is self-sustainable while maintaining its local charm. I believe the arts and culture participate to shape, build, and identify communities. As leader in the community, I have the responsibility to push the arts and arts venue to be more innovative and impactful.

I am a senior banker with almost 20 years of global financial management experience across Africa, Europe, and the US. I am Senior Vice President for Northern Trust Corporations, a global provider of wealth management, asset servicing, asset management and banking to corporations.

My wife, Valerie, and I have three girls. Matiya, age 13, is a talented violinist and is concertmaster this year at the Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra and member of a local cross-country team. Alexiane, age 10, my pescatarian daughter, loves animals; she enjoys horseback riding and plays violin and is a member of the Norwalk Youth Symphony Orchestra. Camille, our 6-year-old, splits time between violin, piano, and learning swimming. The three girls are in the Newtown school system.

Valerie and I are actively engaged in the community we love. Valerie is a Captain in the US Army Reserve as well as a dentist at Dental Associates of Connecticut office in Newtown. Valerie supports and volunteers for the non-profit Young Life in Danbury, an organization helping young girls with babies, and “SOS Enfants”, which helps kids and orphans in Africa and across the world.

I serve on the board of local organizations focusing on youth empowerment, leadership development and promoting arts i.e.: 12.14 Foundation/NewArts, in Newtown, Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers, The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, and other global non-profit organizations such as the Scholar of Finance, promoting ethical leadership to emerging leaders in Finance, Board of Advisers Strategic Leadership-Managing a Remote Workforce at Pace University, Lubin School of Business.

Marie Smith

A longtime Newtown resident and retired teacher, Marie Smith has a wealth of experience serving on the Edmund Town Hall Board of Managers. This position has specific directives, i.e. "care of and maintenance" of the Edmond Town Hall. From her experience of having served on the board, there have been a number of individuals and entities who are interested in the growth and vitality of our Edmond Town Hall. She will continue to work with the board members to promote community interest in the furtherance of technology for this treasured building.