About Us

Newtown RTC 

Executive Board

Phil Carroll, Chairman  

Jennifer Larkin, Vice Chairman

John Madzula II, Treasurer

Michele Buzzi, Secretary

Please contact us at:  nrtcboard@gmail.com


To be the political party that leads Newtown on the path towards growth and prosperity.


The Newtown Republican Party is committed to a balanced approach to address issues and seize opportunities both locally and at the state level. Our hallmark is to encourage and support innovative and fiscally responsible government, to sustain and enhance Newtown and help Connecticut regain its status as a premier state for residents and businesses.

Our Principles

We Pledge To...

1.    Promote the public health and safety of all Newtown residents.

2.   Support quality education for every child with focus on programs and personnel that directly support student success and civic responsibility.

3.    Identify and implement sustainable solutions to reduce the burden of taxation on the citizens of Newtown and Connecticut.

4.    Evaluate and implement reforms that both support and attract job producing businesses to Newtown and our state

5.    Promote leaders to public office who will hold government at all levels especially municipal — both the Town- side services and the Board of Education — accountable to ensure that public funds are spent wisely and that the outcomes of such spending are measured and evaluated against established targets

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