Police Commission

Scott Cicciari

If re-elected, “my focus would be to continue to support the police in conjunction with the voice of the residents in this town.”

Scott has lived in Newtown for the last 18 years with his wife, three children and Dog Bailey (Cavalier King Charles).

Scott has served over the last 3 years as Vice Chair of the Newtown Police commission. Prior to joining the commission, he started the Newtown Police Building fund that helped restart the discussion / funding for a new PD. Today the police serve out of that new building!

Scott is also an active EMT for over 20 years working and serving as a first responder.

Brian Budd

Newtown resident since 1993.

Past Vice Chairman - Newtown Board of Police Commissioners 2007 - 2019

Police Captain, Stratford Police Dept. since 1995.

Short and long term police strategic planning experience.

Police annual budgeting experience.

Police pre-hiring experience, background investigation training.

Legal training on new developments impacting police policies and practices.

Police ethics and stress management training.

Program development and leadership training for law enforcement managers.

Human diversity training, building community partnerships.

FEMA critical incident training.

Graduate of the Police Leadership Institute at Sacred Heart University.

Attended Penn State University police budgeting seminar.