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Jeff Capeci

With an unyielding commitment to service, Jeff has made his mark on Newtown, a place he has proudly called home for the past 25 years.  Originally hailing from Ridgefield, Jeff moved to Newtown where he put down roots with his wife Tanya and raised their two children, Bradley and Greta. Their family bond runs deep, with Jeff cherishing his role as a father above all else. Engaging actively in his children's upbringing, he fondly recalls his times as a Cub Scout Den leader, volunteering in the classroom at Middle Gate and his years of public service as a testament to his dedication to family and community.


Recognizing the challenges faced by Newtown's residents, Jeff has his sights set on addressing crucial issues, from responsible development to alleviating traffic congestion, all while ensuring that the town remains affordable for its residents. Drawing from his extensive experience in leadership, both professionally and within the town, Jeff is well-prepared to take on the role of Newtown's First Selectman.


His impressive track record includes serving on the Board of Selectmen, as well as five terms on the Legislative Council, three of which he has chaired. Jeff's influence extends even further, as he led a Charter Revision Committee and contributed to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Task Force, showcasing his unwavering commitment to positive change.


Having engaged with virtually all town departments through his roles, Jeff has forged strong relationships with the dedicated individuals who work for Newtown including the Board of Education with whom he’s participated in multiple labor contract negotiations. Professionally, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge as an Engineer and Business Analyst, skills he believes can be seamlessly applied to his future role as Newtown's First Selectman.


Jeff's hobbies are as diverse as his accomplishments; he's also an artisan baker, delighting in the process of making his own bread on weekends. Jeff is also a seasoned marathon runner, having completed five marathons, including the prestigious Boston Marathon. He enjoys his recreational runs through Fairfield Hills as well as along Newtown's scenic streets and neighborhoods.


Jeff's background is a testament to his resilience, dedication, and his ability to lead with a vision. As Newtown's next First Selectman, he's poised to continue his streak of success, steering the town towards a vibrant future.